M$ Files Patent for Plain Text Email - Evil Evil Evil!

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Method for reading electronic mail in plain text
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You just have to ask what kind of mad, grade A hallucinogenic drugs these people are on...

Systems and methods for converting text of an electronic mail message in a non-plain text format to text in a plain text format are disclosed.

link via varchars via Jeremy Z


Who's crazier? ...

... MS or the USPTO?! I mean let's think for 4 milliseconds, then we'll come up with a dozen prior art cases.

I'm proud to say I dumped MS completely 1 1/2 years ago. I run my entire business on Linux: Linux on my workstation, Linux on the servers, and zero support for any MS server or app for any client. I don't do ASP, .NET, nothing. The only thing remaining is IE6 running under Crossover Office for testing. It's better for me and my clients, and I'm never going back.


Im *exactly* the same! Even my wife runs Fedora, whilst I run a mans distro: Gentoo heh!

I even have IE under crossover...


Gentoo is great, I'm sure, but looks like too much hard work. When I switched for good, I installed Mandrake 9.1 on my main machine as it was reputed to be the easiest. I'm still running the same original install now, which just goes to show how much I hate OS installs. Thing is, it's set up just how I like it, but there are no updates available now 9.1 has been discontinued. I've had to compile XFCE 4 as there were no compatible RPMs (my machine is too slow for Gnome/KDE).

I think once I get the time, I'm switching to Debian: install once, run it for 5 years. 100% free software. My kind of distro!

'a mans distro: Gentoo' I

'a mans distro: Gentoo'

I use Gentoo - I'm not a man! Of course I didn't install it myself and don't really know what I'm doing with it!

Trisha, Gentoo, really?

I've been wanting to go that route, but have $$ sunk into software, tools, utils and such over the years - how did you all make the switch, with that in mind?

NickW: drugs - undoubtedly, or worse: they believe it. :-O


Really My old computer was


My old computer was/is in kind of bad shape, so I had to get something new anyway. Although I still have to use it for a few things still.

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