SEO's Write Letters to Santa

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The SearchGuild Christmas Comp, in association with Santa
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Threadwatch member Gurtie and the SG boys and girls have an xmas competition: Write a letter to santa! - SEO's and webmasters are scribbling down their wishlists and some are rather funny :) here's Gurties entry:

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl all year, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise, remember if they really did see me doing that then they must have been involved as well.

This year I'd like the following in my stocking please

1. A little less thigh - a couple of cm off each would be wonderful and please do the hips while you're at it.
2. A few extra hours in each day
3. A Goat. (everyone should get a goat this Christmas - if you don't like goats they have a nice range of chickens too)
4. Patience in traffic jams
5. A garage mechanic who doesn't talk to me like I'm three.
6. A catflap which only allows cats in when they aren't carrying something small and frightened. And also makes them wipe their paws.
7. A volume control for my four year old niece
8. an entire christmas without any of the servers requiring 3am attention
9. Snow, and lots of it (preferably not actually in my stocking though)
10. Antonio Banderas, my own weight in chocolate and world domination

Thank you so much, the brandy and mince pies will be in the normal place, as will the mistletoe.


Go make yours heh..