And Now Google Travel ?


Lots of reports out about Google entering the travel business - all based on a job ad placed by Google at the weekend
The Times take on it



I will be watching this one with a lot of interest. Cendant travel eh? I wonder why G would partner with Cendant?

I heard rumours about this

I heard rumours about this about 9 months ago - I gather they have been / probably still are polling big travel AdWords clients about joining a Froogle-like arrangement, basically a travel price comparison engine

Interesting. Why would they

Interesting. Why would they place Google Travel in Chicago?


Orbitz is based in Chicago, which is where Google Travel is to be based.

It's no surprising!

As far as I'm concerned, it's no surprising. 9 out of 10, there MUST be many more that Google must be thinking about...

Do you think some day they will be launching "Daily Google" or "Google Magazine" ??? LOLz...

Is this Doomsday for smaller Travel Shopper sites?

I'm very very concerned about this. As a niche player similar to orbitz, how is google likely to alter the results after dipping their fingers in the online travel pot? Will they likely show their site as #1 for all travel terms?

The travel industry must be one of the biggest PPC customers for google as there's tonnes of competition and tonnes of search traffic for it. Is it ethical for them to now go competing with their best customers? I guess business is business?

Why worry ?

Why worry ?

They failed to change the status quo with anything else they have launched.

Worry if

they place Google travel above the serps like they are now doing with google base above organic real estate serps.

Development stopped in Q4

As far as I know they were working on sth like it and were planning on launching it in Q4 '05 or Q1 '06 but stopped development in Q4. I haven't heard about any changes in this area, but Troogle came up so often now that I wouldn't be surprised if it would come within the next 3 months.

I heard it was going to be a

I heard it was going to be a Froogle-like price comparison jobbie, with results inserted above the natural results, a la Goole local / base etc. In fact, they may substitue local and travel results depending on the query...

Anyway, denials are being issued by Google apparently, so all you travel types can breathe easy again...

Make what you want from..

A spokeswoman for Google said, "I can confirm that Google has no current plans to launch a travel portal."

Depends what you mean by a travel portal!

TravelSense ;-)

I'm mostly interested in their reseller program. That should bring very nice revenues to publishers.

AdSense and TravelSense in one account.


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