Adverts below Google numbers?


How much does it cost to get your advert beneath the google numbers at the bottom of the page?

right now you'll see a game by sony pictures:

"New! Crack the Code: Play the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google."


If you are outside the UK,

If you are outside the UK, US or AU then use the following URL to access the page withthe advert on.

Damn interesting. The link goes off to Sony Pictures, that then asks for your country (at least it does for me in Poland atm) which then sends you back to Google.

I chose UK as my abode and ended up at it asks you to accept the T&C and adds the game to your personalised Google homepage. I can see what Google get out of it, they want loads more people to be permanently logged on and use their portal. I can see what Sony get out of it, but what do I have to do to be part of it.

I am not Sony, but I am pretty sure I can come up with a game that the world will enjoy playing for placement like that!

Interesting game. Level one

Interesting game. Level one is a very easy Sudoko game. Hmmm this looks OK :)


Not sure Sony had to pay anything for that link. Google gets to promote personalized search, Sony gets to promote their movie. Fits in with Google's 'cool' factor as deacons and church authorities seem to hate the premise of the film, while the populace embrace the 'what-if' factor.

DG is right, this is about

DG is right, this is about promoting G's products. john battelle explains:

Marissa assured me that no money is changing hands here. In other words, Google feels it is getting as much from this as Sony is. Why?

Well, because this is more than just a movie promotion. It's a Google products promotion as well. The puzzles and codes will drive people through Google's products - not just search, but Calendar, Mail, Talk, and - in particular - the personalized homepage. In fact, to even get started, you have to set up a Google account. Mayer told me, in no uncertain terms, that the strategic goals of this promotion for Google was to familiarize folks with Google's services beyond search.

there is another argument that this is just a branding strategy on google's part, although i dont really buy into that and believe what marissa mayer told battelle.

the puzzles will get more difficult

From The Age:
Google said that each of the daily puzzles would conclude with a riddle that will require to interact with a number of its applications including Search, Maps, SMS and Video.

"A small group of us at Google, in co-operation with Sony Pictures, have managed to create 12,358 original puzzles for The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google," said Wei-Hwa Huang, a four-time World Puzzle Champion and Google software engineer.

Quite Fun Really

Got the first four done, but I doubt that I will have the stamina/inclination to do all 12,358

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