Interesting Search Arbitrage Video


This video was just posted over at Search Engine Watch. A great overview of the arbitrage problems that are getting discussed and posted about everywhere right now.



I just don't get it... As long as the advertiser is getting a qualified click (which they are)- what's the big deal? It's not like they are getting clicked twice or anything and if their own Ad campaigns were managed better there wouldn't be much arbitrage to work with.

Stupid, silly Google police.

I call weenie

A gutless, anonyous rant from a weenie whiner. That's what I think.

Invite this guy to speak in public or put his name on his statements and watch how fast his hyperble, casual mis-characterizations, and insinuations of intent get dropped... there would be no content left off the editing room floor... hence the need for an anonymous post to Utoob and probably a few attempts at digg. That "nothing but ads" becomes "nothing but a search engine, a sidebar of links to related categories, and ads". Alot like Google, eh? His summary statements like Google seems quite clear on this belie his own previous recitation of Google's words... the policies didn't sound so clear and relevant to my educated ears.

I am getting soooo tired of the whiney rants with no substance, no journalistic quality, no apparent effort beyong using some technology to communicate garbage content to "the masses"... I bet he is a Web2.0 blogger. Anybody know?

I don't mock the message, but for execution in this case I call "weenie".

What an ignorant tool.

What an ignorant tool. Between Smart Pricing and Google's Adwords constant tweaking of Quality Scoring, anything too flagrant is already being devalued to the depths of page 10 and unworthwhile EPC's. Arbitrage is way too intensive (if you're doing it well) to be operating where you can't meet the quality and conversion standards in place.

What a pussy.

What a pussy.

The video going to cause two

The video going to cause two things:
fuel copycats
get G's attention

Both are going to hit this model hard in the next few weeks.

The video going to cause two

The video going to cause two things:
fuel copycats
get G's attention

Both are going to hit this model hard in the next few weeks.

I'm so scared.

I'm not so sure I care about

I'm not so sure I care about new eyeballs learning about Adsense arbitrage. There is a definite first mover advantage, the truly epic "fishing spots" probably aren't where the newbs would look, and even if they did find them, there's a very good chance they'll shoot their wad before they know what hit 'em.

I'd also venture that the very best opportunities in arbitrage sites are actual pages on real content authorities. Google ain't flushin' those out anytime soon.

So, again, this dude's whole meltdown was weak.

You guys must be using this

You guys must be using this technique.

I hate being fooled. I hate clicking on an advertisement for a specificly searched for product only to land on another site of advertisments. There must be a reason Google came up with a policy against this sort of thing.

It's downright community

It's downright community service compared to Google's domain parking busines...

see how well that works?

There must be a reason Google came up with a policy against this sort of thing.

There is no policy, painperdu. That's the point. All that chatter ignored the fact that Google's policies don't prohibit those sites.

"...but I saw it in the video.... it clearly showed sites advertising where the landing page was nothing but ads, and it even showed Google's policies against that..."


what bugs me most is when an

what bugs me most is when an Arbitrage webmaster takes a google search for "generic term" and creates a dynamic title adword then lands in at Yahoo results for "buy generic term"

if I wanted to advertise on the keyword "generic term" I would, but it doesn't convert, which is also why the bid price is 10 times higher for "buy generic term".

anyway, I'm all for Arbitrage, it is just this years traffic bulldozing technique. Business life is full of people who buy goods in bulk or at a discount then resell them at a profit. That is life and good on the person who does it I say. But if you buy generic Cola cans and try to pass them off as Coca Cola at a higher price it is deception and you're not an honest business person.

The sites showing AdSense

The sites showing AdSense don’t effect me, i rarely advertise on Google’s content network, and when i do i bid the minimum.

Arbitrage sites put an end to me using overture for a few campaigns. The traffic from these sites converts terribly. Don’t blame the people doing this or Google, but overture need to offer different bid prices for different traffic just as with AdWords(Google, partners, content). Turn the overture campaign off, arbitrage sites go away, turn it back on and they come back – bastards ;) can buy me a drink next time we meet :D

It's not just the execution...

the message is flawed too. And riddled with inaccuracies. Fluff, dross and debris. Nothing worthwhile to see here. Every second I watched the video was time wasted.

gotta be good stuff with the

gotta be good stuff with the kind of beating it gets here ;-)

and aribtrage did get whacked in the end

Good call littleman (any reference to Wilhelm Reich?). Google did crack the whip to much handwringing earlier this fall.

I'm with Painperdu. Arbitrage is a catastrophe as a user. The underlying charge that aribtrage undermines Google's adwords also sticks. As GerBot points out, arbitrage means advertisers get overcharged for lousy clicks, although the separation of content and search results (a long time ago) did restack the odds in the advertiser's favour.

The supercilious Canadian voiceover from the video is a bit much though. Voice reminds me of a high school guidance counseller.

I got back over here late to the party from Michael Nguyen's Ironically, I think I found him via

Fun to see the spammer/arbitrage homeboys stiff defense of the indefensible again.

The internet is nobody's property and I'm free to pollute it however I want for my own profit. If I want to piss and crap all over the internet, don't you dare complain about it. The internet doesn't belong to you!

Well it doesn't belong to you either, buster. If Google eventually drives all of these guys back onto the used car lots where they belong, the world will be a better place. Used car lots = cost free prisons for the commercially corrupt and intrinsically lazy.

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