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Upcoming Crawler Out on the Prowl
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Update: Sorry, i messed up, if you're looking for the public beta post it's right here - shit happens when your tired heh...

Michael Yang's new shopping search engine has been spotted out in the bush by Marcia at SEW.

Michael blogged about the launch and mentioned that the beta version is open only to friends and family of become's employee's at present.

Yang co-founded mySimon back in 1998 with partner Yeogirl Yun ('s chairman and CTO) who also founded WiseNut. They are currently enjoying some heavy VC backing for thier new venture.

I also found this blog post by Hubert Chen who appears to be a developer for Become.

Now, with the team that bought us mySimon and Wisenut you'd expect this one to be interesting at the very least...