Google Thinks I Own Nike's Big Butt


I've been getting weird image search referrals from Google for quite some time. Matt answered a question I had about images and I decided to do a little checking. What I discovered by accident was much more interesting than what I set out to find. Nike did a campain with the headline "my butt is big and round like the letter C" I thought it was amusing so I blogged it (see my butt is big). Ok here's where it gets fun if you do a Google image search for [I like big butts] (kinda NSFW) currently the second result is picture of that Nike advert (screen shot) which lists the URL. However if you click on it you are refernced to the "my butt is big" post mentioned above, instead of Nike's website. So Google thinks I own Nike's Big Butt ...

Have I stumbled into some weird image hijacking condition or is something else at play?


yes and yahoo too

I see this as well with Yahoo video. The screen capture is presented as belonging to my site, and the caption says to see it in it's orginal context, visit my page. Problem is, all that was ever on my page was a link to the video located on another site.

In my case, the other sites are now parked pages, and the videos are no longer there (but the parked pages 200 redirect to themselves).

In my case, it is on-topic and attractive so no complaints from me. It acts like a hijack of listed screen caps.

I accidentally stumbled on to this too.

I did my monthly stat check on a site that I didn't expect any traffic on and was getting 25,000 uniques a month. 6 months prior I had directly linked to an image (as you did) of a popular teen artist and the picture had made the front page of Google Images for her name. The site who actually hosted the image had long ago redirected the image to their homepage but Google images continued to list me as 'the original context' for several months.

Just to see if this wasn't a fluke, I tried it again with separate sites - both my own. It took months for Google Images to pick it up, but eventually it worked the exact same way. The site linking to an image that never actually appears on the page is listed as the 'original context'.

too bad

Its too bad that image traffic doesn't convert.

Big Daddy just likes big butts

Hey graywolf, I'm seeing a similar issue with the normal non image serps.

i.e. where the serps show the 'real site' that has that content (in your case - but the click through is to a different site (in your case - your site -

Maybe Big Daddy just likes big butts?

Doesn't explain the issues I'm seeing though - but good to nI'm not the only one seeing this weird indexing behaviour......

this is getting fun

it's trash traffic so far, but there are uses for trash traffic.

a lot

we get that a lot at GHN, our referrers logs are full of visitors from images we've apparantly hijacked (most of the images we host internally are technically on a different site so it happens with them as well). I cant remember when it started happening but I think it starte showing up a couple of months ago....


Has anybody experimented with frames lately?

or is this just G images?

please play claus, it's not a zero day but it's still good

This is interesting for the volume of traffic. Almost by definition the viral vidoes and images on low-cost hosts convert to hijacked links. A classic dot bomb scenario where success kills you. Drop a link on your high PR page and watch as within a few days their hosting shuts down and the traffic is yours.

I tried one video whos static opening frame was very, very intriguing for my audience, yet actually on a completely different (and much more popular) topic. Now everybody sees my domain name in the caption for that video (showing that intriguing static first frame) and naturally... they click through to find my content. I liken it to hijacking an abandoned roadside billboard. Location, location location, and then visuals and then message. In this case the first 4 come for free. And it's not spam because they come for the theme of the caption.


.. thanks for the invitation. And it's a party where I don't have to leave my desk. Excellent :-)

I was thinking about regular G Search tho'. With the frames comment, that is...

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