Yahoo! Speaks out on Site Match Conspiracy Theories

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Sitematch: Organic Rankings Suicide?
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Tim Mayer clears up some issues concerning the Site Match PFI system. Many webmasters are confused by Site Match and theories that once your budget runs out or you stop using the service your organic rankings drop abound on the SEO forum circuit. He had this to say in the post threadlinked above:

We made a slight change a while back as we have been really focused on comprehensiveness at Yahoo. If we dont know about your site and you submit it to Site Match you will be suggested for inclusion in the main crawl and go through all the usual quality determinations to figure out if and to what representation you will appear in the main crawl index. The conspiracy theories that we will knock the rest of your site out of the index or that we will delete it if you dont pay are just not true and if anyone experiences this they should send me a message via forum mail documenting this. The issue is usually a content issue and people usually try to blame Site Match for their problems.



I was contacted a while back by somebody who had lost a number 1 position in Yahoo for a big term (they went to 70 in one fell swoop). 'Why have we dropped out of the number one spot?' was the gist of it - no changes to content etc.

When asked if he'd ever used sitematch: 'yes, I turned it off 6 weeks ago'. I told him to turn it back on to see what would happen (to eliminate that as a possible cause). Cue waking up the next day and the page was right there at the number 1 spot... Make of that what you wish...


Obviously I do not have enough data to make a determination as to what would be going on in this particular case such as was the URL in Site Match or Site Match Exchange(the feed)? Was the content that was indexed in the main crawl the same as that in the Site Match index due to update cycle of the content or optimization changes. There are a few ways in which the content in the main crawl could be different than that in a Site Match program that could cause ranking to be different as we index every 48 hours in Site Match and the update cycle of the main index can vary from less than a day to several weeks.


Hi Tim - cheers for chiming in. :)

I'm not sure if was site match or site match exchange.

The URL and content was the same (to the best of my recollection).

I wish I could say that I did an exhaustive study but it was more a question of being very, very busy at the time, spending 5 minutes looking and sending a quick reply along the lines of 'turn sitematch back on, if nothing happens we'll talk'. Needless to say, we never talked...

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