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Account Disabled due to fraudulant clicks.
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These "Adsense have cut me off and I cannot understand why" threads have just about ground the Adsense Forum at WMW to a stop, and I scarcely ever read them. This one had grown to around 40 contributions, and I looked at it.

Contributions from martinibuster and jenstar point out to the original poster that

kevlardev, if you thought you had problems before, people who hate you are now aware of your url. Smart move, dude.

"Feel free to stop by, visit my sponsors, and register on our active forums."
This was posted by you on another message board earlier this year, after you began running AdSense... and it is against the terms to do this. Perhaps someone reported you, or they found it on their own, but that could very likely be what got you suspended. That, or all the posts you made pointing to your now-inactive mesothelioma site...

Now while it is entertaining, it is a good example of why a forum can deline in value without a policy on cutting out treads of this sort.

This forum funcioned for several months when Adsense launched, interestingly without moderation. It was extremely valuable as we all grappled with how to make Adsense pay. It is an example though of how when things become "run of the mill" then little of value will ever emerge and those making money just move on!



Sorry cornwall, i completely missed this one :)

I think we briefly talked about this just the other week but it's worth revisiting in this case.

These discussions are going on all over the forums, the only places of search marketing info that have escaped the whining and skullduggery side of this have been the blogs.

They go hand in hand with:

  • Gmail Invites
  • Have I been penalized?
  • When's the next update?
  • Hi from timbucktoo!

etc etc, what's so hard to get about joining these posts into one good thread? They destroy the active/recent post lists and generally annoy the hell out of the more experienced players...

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