Google Doodles


Not sure what this has to do with anything search related but if Google releases a new tool, it's a law we have to mention it. Sketchup is a new 3-D modeling tool that lets you draw stuff in 3-d and move all around, great fun to play with, but don't know what good it will do you. Looking at the samples looks like someone had a little to much 20% time on their hands


my goodness

So thats what they use to do the 3d stuff on google earth. I wonder how long until the entire planet is 3d modelled. My grandkids will probably be showing me my old tree house I played on when growing up.

My grandad nearly keeled over when I showed his house getting zoomed into from space. He then recovered after noticing he has the Greenest lawns in Brisbane.

Sketchup wasn't a 20%

Sketchup wasn't a 20% project, it was an existing company Google purchased last month (or on April the 1st?)

edit: Official Google announcement (wasn't april the 1st then :/)

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