Do Ya Feel Lucky - SEO No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament


Well do ya?

Clocked this on my travels:

Poker Tournament

On Saturday, May 27th at 12:15 Eastern, SEO Black Hat will be running a private No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament at Party Poker for the SEO and Blogosphere Community. The entrance will be $110 and prizes will be paid out based on the number of entrants

It appears that some muppets called DaveN and JasonD and are playing and invites have been sent out to the likes of Cutts and Scoble.

If you want to see the full list of participants, see below, looks like you get a free link anyway, unless you are DaveN, who gets his link to StrangeLogic hehe (at 5pm GMT anyway)

My money is on BakedJake, if he decides to ante up.


link is worth the price and publicity

If I wasn't such a scaredy cat I would have done it.

I have been whupped

I have had my ass kicked in poker by BakedJake and crew already. No need to pay money to repeat the experience.:)

>No need to pay money to

>No need to pay money to repeat the experience.:)

Where else can you get poker with a free lifetime link for a one time fee?

Link Lottery

Just imagine winning the tourney, it'll be like hitting the link lottery across all the SEO blogs.

I'm in, hopefully can last long enough to not lose all respect.

You guys are toast

I just invited all my actuary friends. It'll be like taking candies from babies for them :).

I'm considering it, though I've only played poker offline twice and never online. Might have to do some reading. Anyone have any good beginner links?

Chess for money?

Anyone? ;)


Good catch on DaveN's link going to strangelogic - that's been fixed.

Aaron's right: (not like pagerank really matters) but that participants list will be a PR 4 or 5 on the next update. Plus the voyeristic nature of the blogosphere will ensure that people will want to see who's playing.

Maybe I should retitle it to "the million dollar participants list page."

Anyway, thanks for the post and I hope to see a bunch of you at the poker table.

Should have named it the

Should have named it the million dollar blogging poker challenge

and the challenge could be to get enough bloggers to play to make a million dollar pool :)


>>Chess for money?

I used to be a class C rated tournament chess player (hides under oversized plastic pocket protector)

2K or higher?

Let's play. I just love the game. I can even lose gracefully.

I can even lose gracefully.

something I have never been able to do.

Last year my 60+ year old step dad beat me at tennis and air hockey. That was brutal. Worse than the huge rock that came through the window on the drive.

Chess is Like Boxing.

Go figure huh? Knock me out on Monday, I might knock you out on Friday. As long as we're almost evenly matched. No disgrace in losing a match. Fortunately, if you box, people seem to think you incapable of playing chess...

I fence too. And get my ass whipped, but I'm a better fencer for trying than I would be if just sat on my arse and bitched about getting beat by better swordsman...

I used to play M:TG (Magic The Gathering)

on the Pro Tour about 8 years ago. That's where I became friends with david williams (2nd 2004 WSOP and a few good showings on the WPT).

Anyway, I only bring it up because my man david is in a freaking porn video that's just started circling on the web.

Freaking hilarious.

[edit] that's not the porn vid, that's his profile[edit]
link SFW. Video most definately NSFW!

He sure didn't do it cuz he needed the money, he's won over $5 million playing poker. I just think he wanted to be a porn star.

Maybe he's on to something - like the paris hilton of poker?

Makes you wonder....

How many SEOs actually play poker? and how it relates to them doing anything with poker sites?

How many SEOs actually play poker?

Quite a few actually. It's pretty common to see a bunch of SEO's getting kicked out of the conference bar for playing holdem. They usually end up in someone's room til the early morning hours.

But in the end, either Jake or Noel McMichaels ends up with all the cash.

Play a lot

I play a lot of poker (live) and a little online. It will be fun to put Jake out with a 7-2 bluff :)

It makes sense...

SEO, farming, and poker have the same mindset: it is a gamble.

A years worth of work done on a crop could be taken out with one hailstorm.

An entire set of web sites could be taken out of the SERPS with one algo change or handjob.

And Poker, a bad poker face could lose everything.

Poker face

I would be utterly incapable of keeping a straight face if I had a good hand.

Lets raise the Ante...

I'd like to see a few more fun prizes in there. Anyone want to ante up some good scraper scripts? Maybe a couple of PR7 Domains with multiple DMOZ listings? Maybe Matt or Tim could throw in a handjob for second place. I'll throw in a few pitty links to the poor schmoe who gets knocked out first. Give us something worth fighting over, cash is just so passe...


Who's playing for cash?

Poker + SEO

I think many of us in SEO play poker too. Like SEO, there's math involved as well as competition that many of us thrive on. I'd assume many of us have a poker table running on the other monitor while we dig for links.

I used to play a lot in college and still play quite a bit. Was playing 5 hours a day and actually helping support myself with it when I moved to Chicago. Now down to just a few sessions a week but it's still a lot of fun.

My prediction: Some guy who has played poker once will win. :-)

no poker faces

Shame it's online and not in person. No poker faces, and who knows what stats software is running on the second monitor over at ______'s house.

Off topic but

It's an interesting thing that the Williams video has been online for three years and was well known since right after he made his big fortune. But the way the Internet works, people who don't know about something can manage to make a fire under something "new" every couple years. In other words, no matter how dead something seems to be, marketing stale old news to newbies can be a lifelong task.


marketing stale old news to newbies can be a lifelong task.

Yeah like (insert your favorite SEO forum here)

i like porn better

... no, actually I'm more a Backgammon type of guy. (Some fun pun deleted, wasn't funny anyway)

... but how is it with that "entrance" ? With 14 on the list @ $110 it's only up to $500? Are you only paying that in order to be allowed to lose even more? And who pockets that fee? Ahh, I can RTFM

... and if there ever was a linkbait this tournament would be one.

have a chill, claus

Not every day is a work day :-)

It's April... so if you're a Party Poker affiliate you know what that means. It's poker, so if you are a gambler you know what that means. AND it's fun (unless for you, it's not. No problem?)

You're starting to remind me of the guy who celebrates his local $9 all-you-can-eat Prime Rib deal and knocks the fools who pay $60 for a t-bone from (insert your favorite steakhouse here). He doesn't know what he's missing, and it shows.

Claus, I am guessing the

Claus, I am guessing the winner can win up to 500(with the current number of signups), and the rest of the pot will go out to the other people that place:
1: 500
2. 400
3. 300
4. 200

the prize pool will be $100

the prize pool will be $100 time the number of entrants.


Usually every day is a work day. Call me "Mr. Scrooge" and I'll take it as a compliment.. but not when it comes to dining ;)

I'm just asking stupid questions because I'm a total st00p n00b to texas holdem. And tournaments. Really. I've got friends in the Poker business but I'm not. Did research a few years ago and decided I'd stay out - then it boomed. That's life, you just can't know it all ;)

Heh, but that doesn't mean I can't play. Poker is just like yatzy, only with cards in stead of dice. Both are fun to me, I just prefer gammon ;)

never one to miss an opportunity

Google have released their new Google Poker Set just in time for the tournament....

But the new Google Poker set

But the new Google Poker set is shite. It has too few chips.

it's beta

It has too few chips, and they don't even show the commemorative chip face. It must be in beta.

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