Voice Dictation Software: A Test Run of IBM's ViaVoice


I am writing this entire paragraph by dictating through ViaVoice. Well this takes much longer then typing something for me, at least now I am more productive. I have chosen not to correct the mistakes in this paragraph so you can see how accurate the voice is at translating might voice into text.

Is actually more difficult for me to get my ideas into writing this way than if I just typed it as typing is effortlessly for me. I can tell it actually uses a different part of my brain than typing does. I have to think more.

Issing the most difficult thing about this is that I have to remember commands in order to do simple things like capitalized words. For example I have to say Whatever Needs To Be Capitalized Capitalize Off. Sometimes, as you can see, part of the command will register at the other part won't. All in all, the program is remarkably accurate and changing my voice into text.

If you want to see how accurate this this tell me to say something into ViaVoice and I will do it and show you the results back on this thread.


Try some names

Amanda hugnkiss
Mike Rotch
Oliver Clozof

Amanda hugnkiss

What I said:

Amanda hugnkiss
Mike Rotch
Oliver Clozof

The results:
Amanda had been kissed
Mike watch
All of her clothes off

And from chat:
Said this:

do abadabdabdab

Result was this:
added that the that the data that the

More from chat...

Say this:
"run over there"
"they're ugly dogs"
"lets go to their place"

run over their
There are ugly dogs
Let's go to their place

I can't even prounounce

I can't even prounounce that! I didn't mean for this to be a game...I figured you guys would want to see how accurate this thing was with typical text...

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