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Yahoo! launched a technology review site called Yahoo! Tech. They use nofollow on many internal links, which is stupid, but it looks like many of the high profit gadget blogs are going to have new competition. Yahoo! is going to start the site by leveraging content from traditional publishers:

Pat Houston, GM of Yahoo! Tech, said the company planned to populate the site with a "Triumvirate of content." Aggregated content will be supplied from Consumer Reports; John Wiley & Sons' "For Dummies" series; McGraw Hill's "Quick Steps," "How to do Everything" and "Headaches" series; PC World and PC Magazine.

They are also using internal editors and creating a show

Additional editorial will come from four experts who will contribute original content geared toward different demographic areas. Two weeks after launch, Yahoo! Tech will begin airing a technology makeover show created for the site called "Hook Me Up." The show is produced by Michael Davies, whose resume includes producing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "Wife Swap." Yahoo! has a six month contract with Davies to produce one show each week.

They want to leverage these sources to become a consumer destination for shopping, and also for leaving feedback on various products. They intend to integrate Yahoo! Answers and other consumer generated media.



Seems to be a big fizzle.

Anybody else want to kill AJAX yet?

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