If Search Engines Started Inserting Affiliate Links...

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Affiliate Links in Search Engine Results
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Jeremy Z at Yahoo! has some thoughts on feedster's rayg's suggestion that search engines put affiliate links in their results:

Here's a reality check: If a search engine just started dropping those codes in their results, they'd be crucified. Crucified by the technical press, the SEOs, and a bunch of bloggers. Imagine the conspiracy theories!

Definately go read the rest of Jeremy's post, threadlinked above, it's quite funny :)

The question of disclosure and seperation of "editorial" from advertising is raised in the context of search results also which has been a bit of a thorny issue of late. Certainly food for thought, as we've debated aff. links and SERPS for years now..

Do you think they could get away with it under the right conditions?


And one at least is already doing it..

Danish portal/engine Jubii.dk have had affiliate links in their directory for at least a year according to a Threadwatch source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mouseover these directory listings...

Interesting stuff eh?

History repeats itself...

Remember Looksmart?

Wow! Nice find Nick.

Auch, for a year?!

Hmm, makes you wonder if the merchants are aware, wonder if they paid to be aff's in the sense that commercial sites have to pay a rather high fee to be listed. Wonder if they maybe even get a little extra ranking love too:

Dating search

After 3 in-house links, you get the merchant at 4. They're keyword.dk but still..

Makes me wonder if Lycos are aware that the editorial serps are mixed with highly commercial links?

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