Yahoo Considering A Big Facelift


Yahoo's considering a new look -- check out a screenshot of it.

via SEW Blog



Where is the MSN logo?

Now thats funny

Incrediblehelp! Its about time for a new look. I like the change.


I see that one from home and the old one from work. It's been that way for about a month or so except the color scheme is a little different than that blue one.

after MSN acquisition

Me too for msn live?

now I know what that means

Nice search... I know "pos software" means "point of sale software", right?


No kidding Incrediblehelp. It looks like the current MSN site. I like the new MSN site. They removed the left hand navigation which was so hard to navigate and added it to the top. Much better. It's now in plain view.

I can't help but wonder if the new Yahoo design is for the new MSN/Yahoo merger.

They're trying to solve

They're trying to solve problems they don't have here... The new msn beta OTOH, has got it right with placing navigation like that.

I dunno. I was going to say

I dunno. I was going to say "why mess with a good thing," but I kinda love it.

What I thought about was

What I thought about was only their navigation, ie. moving it out to the left and creating icons.

The reason this seems better is not the changed placement, or the icons, it is because they only feature 17 subjects as opposed to 27 now. Cut down on the number of subjects in the current index or let it take more space across the screen as MSN does, and it will still work just fine.

In other areas they do have a problem, which this new page solves: I see what they're trying to achieve, which is better promotion of content. However, as it is their right column will be one big pool of banner blindness, but as long as their advertisers are willing to pay that's OK.

I also like the use of tabs, which I promoted on a big portal back here a year ago or so. They have since stepped away (because of internal politics I assume - no department wants to be on the hidden tabs).

But what am I doing giving them free advice here...

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