New, From Our 'Dumb Patents' Department - MS Invent The Cookie


From Techdirt: Microsoft Patents Multi-Domain User Tracking With Cookies

A patent for Tracking usage behavior in computer systems was granted to Microsoft Tuesday after the software giant explained how it can use invisible images and 'small sized cookies' to surreptitiously track visitors on its own and others' web sites." The claims seem to get fairly specific, concerning keeping the cookies small (as to be less resource intensive) and using the system across multiple domains (generally frowned upon for cookie usage) to track usage outside the single domain.

How quickly are you able to splutter what-the-fuck-prior-art-can-these-wankers-even-be-awake-this-cannot-be-serious?


Filed: May 2, 2000

Granted exactly 6 years later... are we all going to get an invoice for infringing m$ patents...

software patents are insane

I know that most are sick of my anti software patent rants, so this time I'll just drop a link to Richard Stallman's speech on the subject.

BTW that is an Ogg Vorbis codec, which is free to use without having to worry about violating any patents on compression algorithms. Later versions of WinAmp should be able to play it.

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