AdCenter Open to All...

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Via SEW and WMW comes news that MSN has completely dumped Yahoo! as a PPC provider. Anyone can now sign up for Microsoft AdCenter here.

Jen also mentioned they will begin testing a contextual ad network this summer.


Actually not everyone is welcome

Recognizing its the World Wide Web, Microsoft has insured their new Internet offering is web standards compliant, right? Seems not:

Microsoft adCenter does not currently support the web browser you are using. Please sign in using Internet Explorer 6+. More about system requirements

Such is the message to Firefox users. A link to verify system requirements appears, but it doesn't work. Considering that Mirosoft has withdrawn Mac and Unix IE support - the message is clear - we're not interested in your business, go elsewhere.

Too bad. Honest, intelligent competition is healthy.

(For those who really what to bother, most browsers have ways to announce they're IE 6 on Windows XP – for Firefox there is a user agent switcher extension.)

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