30 mln .com domains registered monthly, for 90% to be dropped


Every month about 30 mln .com domains are registered, but then 90% of them are dropped. ICANN allows a 5-day grace period for registrars to lock a domain without paying for it to account for the cases when a registrar customer bought a domain, but then never paid for it. The recent domain name gold rush and growth in revenues, received from parked domains displaying "relevant" ads led some registrars to abusing the 5-day grace period, where the domains are registered in bulk, and then dropped if no suitable buyer shows up, meanwhile displaying domain parking ads. Research company ipWalk published a spreadsheet on average .com registrations growth over the past few months.


1. Unless you got proof I

1. Unless you got proof I am calling bullshit on the registrars buying the trying to resell domains, its not the registers its the domainers.

2. No one is "Abusing" anything. Its allowed, if they didn't want it to be around they would get rid of it.

no big deal

It's all done by systems so 300,000 registrations or 30 million, makes no difference. I don't see the abuse in running an automated system like that.

100% with you Web professor.

100% with you Web professor. This isn't the registrars trying to sell the domains.

Basically everyone and his dog now has an automated system which tried to pick up expired domains during the drop period. These are tested for traffic value and then released if the maths doesn't add up.

Of course this is yet another reason why Joe Public can't pick up decent domains names when they expire. Releasing then into the 'public domain' is becoming a bit of a joke these days. One solution proposed to this was the Domain Waiting List (DWL), where resellers could sell the 'next place holder' to the public. Great for us as we would be able to sell the sale domain name 2 or 3 times. :D

That seems to have gone a bit quiet as the major Registries have taken matters into their own hands started auctioning domains internally. Between the time the domain expires from the current owner and the drop into the public domain there is a period they can auction and reallocate the domain in. This will be rather a large kick in the nuts to the drop-catcher players, but I imagine they will quickly adapt if this gets popular.

Godaddy Bob blogged about this a week or so ago:

With a patriotic twist:

"We Americans have a big problem – actually it’s everybody’s problem — and it has something in common with the .EU Landrush abuse I just finished writing about – no one wants to talk about it. The problem I’m talking about is abuse of the ADD Grace Period (AGP) by a number of key registrars right here in the good ole U.S.A.,


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