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ON-TOPIC ANALYSIS - Online Discovery of On-Topic Terms
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If you dont know SEW member orian then let me tell you that this man leaves me spinning, I daren't open his damn paper, it'll give me a nose bleed...

The paper discusses a procedure for the online discovery of on-topic terms. Discovery is based on occurrence and co-occurrence information. It is demonstrated that on-topic analysis is a valuable tool for enabling users to enhance the semantics of theme sites and concept-focused documents. Specific applications to search engine marketing strategies and information retrieval systems are presented.

This is a long work involving competitive queries submitted by professional search engine marketing specialists. It introduces a methodology and procedure called on-topic analysis, which allows users to discover top, broader, narrower, and optimum terms. The notion of term distances is also presented.

(i am going to try to read it but i dont hold out much hope of understanding it ;-)