Google as a Tool to Communicate with Alien Life?

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What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial?
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Interesting article on that suggests uploading the Google datacenters to aid extraterrestrials in understanding our language and society - kind of funny, but waaay cool aswell :)

So here’s my take on message construction: Forget about sending mathematical relationships, the value of pi, or the Fibonacci series. Rid your brain of the thought (no doubt borrowed from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") that aliens are best addressed with musical arpeggios. No, if we want to broadcast a message from Earth, I propose that we just feed the Google servers into the transmitter. Send the aliens the World Wide Web. It would take half a year or less to transmit this in the microwave; using infrared lasers shortens the broadcast time to no more than two days.


Not interested unless.....

......unless the aliens need Viagra or get Mesothelioma.

I mean, where's the ROI?


Competition Worries

Google may be afraid to do this since the aliens may come up with a better algo and send it back for all to use.


They might use it to extract all the MT comment submission urls and run a massive blog spam campaign on martian porn sites...

Romulans are known for their

Romulans are known for their cloaking. ;)

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