G. Gordon Liddy's New Venture


Press Release

Would you trust this man to help drive traffic to you website? Hardly full of new ideas either.

Officially launched on 5/8/06, MILLIONDOLLARLIDDYPAGE.com will remain live on the Internet for a minimum of one year. Specifically designed for hundreds of advertisers to share space in one place. One million pixels are being sold at one dollar [$1.00 per pixel with a minimum purchase amount of one hundred pixels [10X10. Once an advertiser purchases their pixel blocks, their image, ad or logo is then posted on the website with a direct link to the advertiser's homepage. The only restriction is that no obscene or offensive images or links will be permitted.


I think I will be sick if

I think I will be sick if this works.

i guess what is the point of

i guess what is the point of giving links or any coverage to any of the idiots that have created these sites?

do you realize that by creating a pixel thread you add at least an hour to my spam editing?

it's different

Look at it close enough... it's different even though it utilizes the milliondollar schtick. He's "selling" to a different audience for sure, and there is enough here to be TW newsworthy IMHO.

Promotional Announcements include: Media center press releases, G-Blast newsletter to subscribers, Submission to 149,325 Classifieds, Submit to Blogs, PodCast interview with G. Gordon Liddy, and a LIVE on line auction.

That's the media business. He's acting as media, which is his job. He's dedicated a share of his contracted air time (perhaps that's exploiting a market inefficiency in talk-radio, or perhaps it's defined within "artistic license" for now, until somebody decides to formalize that):

...G. Gordon Liddy’s Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show listened to by millions. The show is broadcast on more than 150 stations across the United States, airs on XM and Sirius satellite radio, and around the world via the internet... The G-Man will be promoting The MillionDollarLiddyPage every day until the last pixel space sells.

So if there isn't enough traffic from his audience to his site? Add appealing content, and talk about that.. just like a webmaster. But he's also now in the business of selling links:

MILLIONDOLLARYLIDDYPAGE.com will be LIVE on the Internet for a minimum of one year from the date of launch.

Just like Google. That puts him into a category known as "black hat". Will his site be banned?

This one could disrupt talk radio / web as it exists. Howard Stern can start selling links, expire them monthly, and charge ten times as much as Liddy, or auction them all. What's to stop him? Or Oprah?

The charity thing is also noteworthy... it offers a carrot to soften the disruptive blow.... allow him (it's charity, after all wink wink) but then ban Howard Stern? Tough to be you, Mr. Cutts.

I hardly think any pixel

I hardly think any pixel site qualifies as news at this point.

way to be original

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