Most Hated Advertising Techniques

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Most Hated Advertising Techniques
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An interesting article by the usuability Guru Jakob Nielsen about the most hated advertising techniques.

Advertising is an integral part of the Web user experience: people repeatedly encounter ads as they surf the Web, whether they're visiting the biggest portals, established newspapers, or tiny personal sites. Most online advertising studies have focused on how successful ads are at driving traffic to the advertiser, using simple metrics such as clickthrough rates.

Unfortunately, most studies sorely neglect the user experience of online ads. As a result, sites that accept ads know little about how the ads affect their users and the degree to which problematic advertising tricks can undermine a site's credibility. Likewise, advertisers don't know if their reputations are degraded among the vast majority of users who don't click their ads, but might well be annoyed by them.


Nice Catch!

Thanks xcandyman, i never read there, maybe I should becuase that is interesting.

I was thinking about this as i roved around a little earlier and even adsense placement gets me a bit tight on the knuckles on some sites. I was looking at Robin Good's Site earlier and if you take a look at one of his recent posts you'll see (but maybe disagree) that he's cutting a very fine line there.

If it wasnt for the outstanding content i'd not return on general principal. Fortunately, the real bane's of my online existence dissapeard with my adoption of FireFox: No more pop-up/unders, no more bloody animated gifs .. ugh! I've even started looking at my usual haunts with "ask every time" enabled for cookies to stop some of the more rampant cookie monsters tracking my preferences...

It's an interesting line to try to define and must be personal for everone, but where is the sweet spot?

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