The Blog Father - Jason Calacanis Expands Commercial Blog Empire

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The Blogfather? Calacanis expands family
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A short "interview" which I thought interesting nevertheless with recent Threadwatch member Jason Calacanis who has just launched Weblogs Inc's 62nd commercial blog:

“Clearly there is a weakness, in that any one blog can’t grow into that big a business,” he says. “Our response to that weak point is to have 300-500 [blogs] in three years. We should hit 100 in our 4th or 5th quarter as a company, and that’s just fine by me.

“The only threat to us is that somebody comes in and puts all their energy into one blog and does it better. However, if we’re number 1, 2, or 3 in each market we’re in, we have a great business.”


Link Correction..

I thought they had started going backwards, but it seems you were missing one letter:


Stupid Nick W!

All fixed, you can just use the private msg system on the left if you see stuff like that again.. thanks for the heads up on the daft link :)

it would be far less hassle

for me, and I'm sure countless others, if 'luxury items weblog' or something to that effect was included in the title, or at least in the header (oh, hello adwords!), rather than having to actively look for the 'about' blurb.

Further vexing, is the inexplicable icon system. I have to look at my status bar to confirm what category an icon represents. I also have no real idea about what the little $ rating system means, I can only infer its some vague pricing thing, or maybe quality ratings. I dont know, its not annotated in the title/alt attribute, nor explained anywhere I care to bother looking.

Asking people to stick around while they figure out what the website is about seems an odd way to garner an audience, especially when you're clearly catering to millions of niches as Weblogs Inc and Gawker are.

Web design and usability issues aside, I'm impressed with's business model and their consistent/prolific content creation. It's sometimes easy to forget that we're in the publishing business. These folks are publishing.


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