UK Tops Porn Searchers


The BBC reports that [url= ] Google Trends search for "porn" [/url] tells one that 2 UK cities, Birmingham and Manchester are the most anxious to get info on porn, followed by (Aussies do not disappoint me) 4 Australian cities Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne. Clean living Americans are way down the list.


Can't be right

There just aren't that many computers or people who can spell porn in Perth (total population is 1.47 million people).

I think that is in

I think that is in inaccurate study. I think what you find if you dig a little deeper is not that American's don't search for porn in serious volume, but that we are much more intelligent searchers.

For example, who searches for [porn] other than lazy people who are probably new to the intenet? Brits and Aussies, that's who. Now, if Matt is looking across the scrolling queries over at the 'Plex and sees [donkey raping shit eating bukkake college teens new jersey], he'd could probably be assured of an average American porn searcher. That is how we roll.


Actually, try "sex"

That brings up Egypt, India and Turkey.

It's Right

It's normalised, meaning it factors in the total number of searches by each paticular city.
Additionally, I'm from Brisbane (3rd on list) and there tends to be a lot of entroponeurs (for its size) in porn from here. Perhaps they've helped skew the results.

Aussies are dirty fucks tho.

I dunno about that scoreboard. Use Google trends and you'll get a different picture. Besides who searches for porn and uses their city as a KW, that's just plain stupid. Most just use the niches, although last I checked the 'donkey raping shit eating bukkake college teens' searches were low, besides teen doesn't convert so good, hehe.

Good old Brisbane eh.. Show's for a lot of porn queries, shit I didn't think my casual surfing was that bad ;) Maybe it's all the porn sites I have been working on lately...


Good call rick, where else would you live if you were a porn barron. I dunno, maybe the Gold Coast?? Brissie is popular tho.

I had a good look around g trends the other day and was really suprised by how many times Brisbane (and other Aus cities) showed up, something is up for sure ;)


have you seen the women they have over in the UK (ducks for cover...)

Xenith, I don't think anyone

Xenith, I don't think anyone uses their city as a refining keyword, I just wanted to make fun of New Jersey...


gotch ya

Hey RickStar, I'm from

Hey RickStar, I'm from Brisbane too so I think you've hit the nail on the head.
These particular results are probably skewed by people who work in this area 9-5 (11-8 really)

Its all that sexual

Its all that sexual repression. :-)

Birmingham lead in *related* terms too

Birmingham lead in *related* terms too as you can see,
We can also consider major player(s) going out to the web via Birmingham and making tons of auto search emulations for those terms.

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