Yahoo! to Integrate Answers into Search?


Yahoo! announced they are going to start leveraging Yahoo! Answers more:

Do a search on Yahoo! and you’ll see how questions and answers are being surfaced within results.

Tim was quoted in a Reuters article:

"It's the right time now to augment Web search results with some human touch," said Tim Mayer, Yahoo's product manager for Web search. "We are making search better by allowing users to tap into the collective knowledge of other people."

Congrats on the launch Tim. Hopefully us TWers don't spam it too hard on ya ;)



At 7 am eastern within 2 minutes I had 3 answers.

The only reason I am an SEO is so I can learn how search engines work so I can find ambrosia.

Funny, I don't recall ever

Funny, I don't recall ever seeing 2 results in top 10 from any discussion forum or from any other site for that matter (other than supplemental results, etc).

I guess the quality of someone's opinion is directly related to the channel on which they communicate it. ;)

A nice touch I guess, but they could have done it years ago - it's not like people taking time to answer other people's questions is a new thing.

IMO Google Coop is a better "personal touch". Yahoo probably had this integrated from day 1 of Answers and just chucked it out live after the launch of Coop.

*always cynical*

Oh, my. What a farce!

Oh, my. What a farce!

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