Adult Industry - Giving Consumers the Instant Gratification They Want

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The adult industry is charging boldly ahead and embracing new technology and giving consumers what they want, while Hollywood fat cats sit on their laurels and wring their hands. Vivid entertainment announced today it wil be giving customers the ability to download movies and burn them directly to DVD Porn Maker Allows Downloads for TV Viewing - Yahoo! News

Vivid Entertainment says it will sell its adult films through the online movie service CinemaNow, allowing buyers to burn DVDs that will play on any screen, not just a computer.

"Leave it to the porn industry once again to take the lead on this stuff," said Michael Greeson, founder of The Diffusion Group, a consumer electronics think tank in Plano, Texas.

"The rest of Hollywood stands back and watches and lets the pornography industry work out all the bugs," he said.

While adult movies clearly have some structural business advantages, there are a few other companies looking at new distribution, one of the most forward thinking being the Disney Company under Bob Iger with Simultaneous DVD and on-demand video releases.

The strategy worked well enough for a couple of decades, but as Hollywood is faced with declining theater attendance and DVD sales, it has been forced to cast about for ways to keep people paying to see its product. The Wall Street Journal is reporting (subscription only) that a handful of studios are near an agreement to pilot simultaneous DVD and video-on-releases. Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox are said to be closest to doing a test run during the first half of 2006.

Disney in particular has been a proponent of altering the release schedule. In August 2005, Disney CEO Robert Iger raised a lot of eyebrows when he said that time between cinema and DVD release needs to "compress." In 2003, it launched Moviebeam, a on-demand video service that required a dedicated set-top box, in a handful of test markets. Although Moviebeam is currently off the airwaves, Disney plans to reintroduce it at some point in the future.

Under one plan (DVDs on Demand) floated by Comcast, subscribers would be able to order get on-demand movie access by ordering a DVD through the cable provider. That's hardly revolutionary, as it would still require a DVD purchase to get the on-demand content.

If there's a lesson to learn from social web tools like YouTube and Google video it's that consumers want the freedom of instant on demand entertainment, and devices like the IPod show they want it as portable ,moveable and transferable as possible.


I've noticed I'm slowly

I've noticed I'm slowly accumulating "Podcasts" in my Maxthon feed-reader (Note to Strikepoint: You should get more of your shows on your blog 'cos then they can be streamed straight from the side-bar) and as most listeners of WebmasterRadio (for instance) will no doubt testify, they're just easier than reading the written word... indeed, a welcome break!

I can only see the demand and supply for such-kind of recorded info-media increasing exponentially in the next few years particularly with storage and bandwidth becomming less of an issue.

This diversion of format is surely going to present some challenges to the SEO industry as well as the SE's.

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