Google releases framework for AJAX development


Google has just released a framework to enable developers to build AJAX applications using Java with the Google Web Toolkit. This is bound to become popular, considering the mashups that have already spun from Google Maps.

This was also Slashdotted.


Well done Google, but when

Well done Google, but when will you be launching it for some half decent languages instead of Java?

binary, too; ugh, just

binary, too; ugh, just release the javascript thing as source, damnit, so I can 'steal' the history state manager.

Thanks Google

Say thanks to Google


something interesting and useful for beginner developers


It appears that

>> you can throw exceptions across the wire.

Nice, huh?! *lol*

I have no idea what that means or how to use any of this, and I don't even understand half of that page. But then I'm not a Java programmer.

What I do understand, however, is that this is not for interfacing with the Google products. It's a general framework for building any kind of web application, ie. the presentation layer (IOW an "user interface generator").

In that respect Google deserves thanks for releasing this stuff to the public. that's a very nice move, even though Java is a bit foreign to a lot of people building web applications.


It's Bizarro TW, an alternate universe where people aren't bashing Google.

I've got to stop drinking, this hallucination is the worst yet...

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