Perfect "Viral"?


We all know and aim for some of those "Viral" campaigns that get emailed around the world within 24 hours, everyone passing it on to someone new, but this is the first time I have seen what I think is close to delivering the "Perfect Viral"

It's an adviral(©) for the Mini Cooper and allows it to be personalised to the person who will view it.

Amazing - Even
is mentioned :)

Hat tiff to PaulH - Cheers mate


fuck me that is too

fuck me that is too good.
I'm sending these off now!!

edit: seems like the budget ran out before they added enough name options




thats so enjoyable, especially sending them out to your mates, its great when u get there first. What an email harvester :)

heh that's pretty smart.

heh that's pretty smart.

It's about time! Perhaps the

It's about time!

Perhaps the bigger viral will be whomever talks about this type of viral the most.


I don't get it at all. Perhaps it's because I only understood maybe 33% of that guy's words; wow, what a thick accent! I could not grok it at medium-low volume amid ambient conversations. Damn accents.

I don't get it at all.

If you did get it you would think it was dumb.. great viral, but trying to convince people that driving a mini makes you really tough is like convincing men that without lipstick they are not real men...

They had me with their viral things

after this one. Prolly just a matter of personal taste. ;-)

Not just a Mini

It's a Mini S! I can feel myself becoming more butch just thinking about it.

2 errors I find

1 - if they are going for link pop, it would make more sense to put it on the mini site rather than a stand alone...

2 - I do not see how this will convince people to buy this car. I do not see this kind of marketing working on $30k items... maybe a $4 beer, or a $2 chicken sandwich.

However, if the goal is to get people to talk about Mini as a whole then this thread is proof that they succeeded.


That is nicely done.

I like this

I like this one


Didn't make me want to buy a

Didn't make me want to buy a mini. Now I know it's for poofs for sure.


I don't find this screen funny...

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That was what met me, almost black-on-black on the OP link

maybe its only applicable if

maybe its only applicable if your from the UK as we know the east end of London was the so called place where the big hard men came from who spoke with the same accent, and as it happens so does Jason D only he is not hard and he is not big :)

we have a program on UK TV called Britain hardest men and they promote it with the same type of guys and same accent, its a spoof of a so called cockney hardcase taking the piss out of a mate of yours who you sent the link to, its like saying your not good enough to own this car

maybe it would appeal to the US market if Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf was sat at a desk promoting the dying sales of the Hummer saying your not hard enough to own one..

who knows ?

I thought it was cute. It

I thought it was cute. It definately got people talking about the mini, but what surprised me was they didn't have a link at the end so you could go to the main mini site and 'build your own'. There was no link to really look at the stats of the car.

Honestly - isn't this a spam thread?

Perfect viral?

(1) It's not amusing at all, let alone "viral".
(2) I haven't gotten it in my junk filter yet.

He says your own first name. Wow. That's all that's really clever about this.


He said my wife's name too :)

Cheap production costs - no airtime to pay for...

Just a bit of fun - nothing to get hung about.

nope there are a few line of

nope there are a few line of text you can change like this link below

especially for you Brian

It's aimed at the UK market,

It's aimed at the UK market, unless you know UK stereotypes you wont get it. You also need some friends and a sense of humour; chances are if you’re not from the UK, are Billy no mates, and are gumpy fucker you wont get this in your inbox.

From the number of people i’ve seen sending this around its gone viral already, the customisation is excellent – wont make me buy a Mini but then as good as the burger king viral was i still wont eat the shit.

Very UK

We Murcans can never seem to figure out rhyming slang. So "butcher's" apparently means look or peek, but I have no idea why...

Butcher block -- clock. Nope.
Butcher paper -- caper. Nah.
Butcher shop -- slop. I don't think so.


hook = look

I like the british accent

It's BRILLIANT and I like the british accent.

I sent it to some myself.

where's the Tony Soprano version?

for the US winers and Jersey haters (as in New Jersey :-)

or youcould just rent Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels again.

Which reminds me.. I need a domain held hostage by a guy in Jersey. Any of you UK guys wanna make a contact for me?

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