Google Having Trouble Outside of Search


The image below, from Business 2.0, illustrates Google's struggles in markets outside of search.


Don't agree with the interpretation..

They all have to add up to 100%.

So if any of the others go up, the main search % comes down

It looks a reasonable enough spread to me with 20% of their traffic outside of plain search.

It would be a lot more

It would be a lot more useful and informative if it compared that percentage to say Yahoo's breakdown and then what % markethsare they have.

the Numbers are misleading

Many people need to or want to search, but relatively few people need to use AdWords, for example. Would anyone argue that Google has done bad getting only 0.07% of their traffic to AdWords?

Classic case

...of how an ill conceived research summary or presentation chart can lead people in very wrong directions if they're not paying attention.

G clearly has more than one good trick so far: Search (all kinds), Adwords, Gmail. Plus, GEarth shows potential. And I suppose that their relationship with the US Government should be counted too. That's quite a trick.

... and pretty impressive for a company that's not as old as my neighbor's dog.

Not really too helpful

I would much rather know about the % of market shares they have and not just what people are doing on 80% is not shocking to me at all and more than 5% for gmail is actually quite impressive. I want to know what percentage they have of the different markets they are in for online news, email, etc

I agree with everyone above,

I agree with everyone above, A pointless bit of information in its current form

ask and thou...

Neigh! Neigh!

Google's still a one trick pony. They do search very well, and make their money off advertising on that search.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with that - as I said, they do it well and make a lot of money. I can see the desire to diversify their income but the fact is that they haven't done that yet.

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