Keyword Selection by Mathematical Formula?

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The Ten Commandments of Keyword selection
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Good foundational article regarding keyword selection. The pearl I think is
the formula that is used to calculate the worth of certain keywords. It would be interesting
to know if anyone else has developed a similar formula.

Nick W: The formula is on page 2


I don't like that formula

The # of competing pages just really is not a good metric since only the top few really matter. I think Dan Thies created a formula where you make an assumption as to how perfectly relevant the keywords are for your products...and then ended up calculating effective useful searches (or something like that).

I think it was something like
Search Volume * how well the word is targeted = effective searches.

Another Formula

Maybe you guys would be willing to look at

It analyzes quite a few pieces of information about a keyword, including the competitiveness of the top 10 positions at Google...

It's not perfect, but it certainly contains many more metrics than the article recommends - metrics which I think you'd be foolish to ignore.

Great Tool



Charlie Preston

Fabulous - nice design as well

Thanks Randfish for both the tool and for making the results look nice. Rest for weary SEO eyes.

Beautiful design. Great info. Congratulations and thanks.

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