Google Dumps Trillian


Without reason or warning Google recently dropped Trillian from Google Pack.


Probably the Trillian guys

Probably the Trillian guys did something, or the cooperation between Cerulean and Google had a glitch.

Dollars to Donuts it had to do with Google Talk

I think it may be fair to say the trillian is the most useful piece of free software I use.

I concur, Blackhat. I've

I concur, Blackhat. I've done more deals via chat than I have via e-mail. (Wish Trillian had a version for the Mac...I use Fire.)

For Mac Try Adium


You should try Adium for Mac, it's better than Trillian in my opinion.

I used Trillian but for

I used Trillian but for brief periods.

I crashed on me, more than any other IM software (Skype, Gtalk, YM etc), and i can say that the emoticons suck. Not that those are the most important aspect, but still.

I prettymuch exclusively use

I prettymuch exclusively use Trillian.

Google Talk a bit, but not too much, only when in gmail and someone IMs me or if I want voice.


I have trillian and love it, but if I keep it on I get zero work done. I'm really liking skype more and more and free skype out is really cool.

no work done

yeah... I turn it off or ignore it when I need to hunker down on a project.

It is odd though that in the goal of making everyone more accessible and making communication easier many products also cause problems that were not there until they solved other problems.

there ought to be a tagging or classification system in GTalk so you can either have global turned on or just your best buds see your online. emailing back and forth once to me does not mean I want people hitting me up with IMs over and over again.


i just use gaim, even in windows. Google hired the Gaim lead programmer remember... i wonder if it'll end up in GooglePack, or if they are just trying to promote Gtalk and their user accounts.

YIM for me

I've tried Trillian before, and AIM, MSN, GTALK, and I'm still a YIM fan, prefer the interface and features, and if other people need to chat with me, then they'll just have to use Trillian or switch YIM cause I'm stuck on this one.

Too bad Google punted them though as it was a decent app.

I'm on Miranda IM, it can

I'm on Miranda IM, it can handle Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, the lots..

When I'm on, that is - I find it takes away time, so it's rare.

takes time away...

I think it is a give and take though. a few of my buddies hit me up for thousands of dollars worth of quick advice...and I know I do the same back. the whole is bigger and better than the sum of the pieces.

Andy Hagans and I go in big waves where other loots all ideas and is unavailable for anything but feedback on their own sites and ideas...and then a few weeks later it flips. I loot from him and he loots from me. It works out well in the end and each of us give the other value added perspective that adds more than a few dollars to the bank account, and it is a bit social, which is good considering that I do not leave my house nearly enough.

It is just a matter of chosing IM buddies with complementary skill sets. I am more big idea oriented and Andy is more conversion (money/pageveiw) oriented. I think we both keep each other a bit more focused on the end goal of whatever we are doing though.

I love the talk feature in Gtalk but it just would be cooler if Gmail didnt add people to your buddy list so quick just because you emailed back and forth once or twice.

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