Huge Botnets for Rent for Clickfraud


According to Help Net Security, PandaLabs has uncovered a botnet comprising over 34,000 zombie PCs - all being used for clickfraud on PPC ads.

“Renting and selling of botnets has become a genuine business model for cyber-crooks. The scam we have now uncovered exploits infected systems to generate profits through ‘Pay per Click’ systems, instead of by installing spyware sending spam,” explains Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs.


Fucking weird world we live

Fucking weird world we live in.


... it's not really strange Expertu. In fact it's pretty straightforward: Costs are approximately the same and the pay is better.

Economics 101.

On second thought I think costs are higher for this type of setup, as you probably need to do more advanced types of programming. Plus you have to coordinate some kind of system where some ads are displayed somewhere. So, it's probably a fair bit more complicated than sending off a couple of millions of emails.

But then the clickrate is better.

What those guys did, is the

What those guys did, is the same as planning a bank bust for weeks, gathering the team, stalking etc.

It's weird.

No contact info

I read the article twice but didn't see the contact info anywhere. Surely there's a market for renting out the botnet? Probably good hard cash to be made from that as well. j/k

I did some reading on zombies a while back and got the impression that setting up something like this would not be difficult. Writing the code to control the click might take a bit, but crawling and infecting zombies - that part of it is off the shelf.

Botnets are drawing some

Botnets are drawing some major heat lately. Just read the other day about some guy getting 5 years for getting caught running one.


Well, it's fraud, no doubt about that. Contrary to all the greyscales in SEO, that's probably very illegal most places. So, that's probably why there was no contact info *lol*

WSJ update

Earlier articles failed to mention the target of the bot-network, probably afraid of google hate as most of the reporters were online entities. WSJ named the target and upped the machine count to 100K, thats a lot of clicks.

Last month, Panda Software International SL, a security-software maker in Bilbao, Spain, discovered a botnet designed solely for click fraud that targeted Google ads. The network grew to include more than 100,000 PCs -- probably by luring unwitting home users to Web sites where the bot program was downloaded.

Full Article

The bot-killer effect?

That small visual drop of

That small visual drop of visitors means a number of visitors that Microsoft has per month. Just to clear things up for everyone :)

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