Google users promised artificial intelligence


A search engine that knows exactly what you are looking for, that can understand the question you are asking even better than you do, and find exactly the right information for you, instantly - that was the future predicted by Google yesterday.
Speaking at a conference for Google's European partners, entitled Zeitgeist '06, on the outskirts of London last night Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and co-founder Larry Page gave an insight into perhaps the most ambitious project the Californian business is undertaking - artificial intelligence (AI).

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that is a large part of why

they are scanning a ton of books

They might want to focus on

They might want to focus on repairing their search in the present first. :)

I think in many verticles

I think in many verticles the problem is that they can't show anything good just because there is next to no good information available online yet.

AI has been around for many

AI has been around for many years but as a technology way to slow for search. I am not an AI engineer, but I have worked with many, and they all claim there are better, faster, ways to do the same today. So, I don't know if Google actually want to use traditional AI or that they are just using that term because it's a term most people can relate to (even if it isn't actually AI tecnology Google will use).

To me, there have for many years been three tings that the engines need to do to make much better search:

1) Understand the MEANING of what people search for (not just the words or characters)
2) Understand the MEANING of the documents indexed (not just the words or characters)
3) Understand the difference between you and I (personalization)

It sounds like Google is announcing improvements onm the first point. Fine, if they do so, but they need to "fix" the other two areas as well for it to really work :)

Eric Schmidt(sp?) & Larry Page Interviewed

Both of them are in the UK ATM and you can see some/most of the press conference over at CH4 News

Not shown on that footage, is Larry exclaiming that Eric's answer to the China and censorship question, wasn't, er... much of an answer at all! :p He (Eric), also makes a bit of a show of himself in the footage too (but I won't spoil it) - Larry must be hoping he'd never brought him along.

slippy slidey....

watching that channel 4 clip I find myself wishing someone would get Jeremy Paxman interviewing them. I dare 'em to sidestep the questions then :)

LOL's - I'd rather be

LOL's - I'd rather be questioned for murder than be interviewed by Paxman, troof!

To be fair (on CH4) though, that clip must be syndicated 'cos they defo don't have American journalists working on British soil.


I see the words "artificial intelligence" all I can think of are bad jokes...suffice it to say then, the googleplex is overflowing with "artificial intelligence" IMO

can understand the question

can understand the question you are asking even better than you do

That's the scariest part of it all...

I'm now seeing

headlines that google is about to roll this out.

"The new artificial intelligence (AI) embedded search engine from Google will have the capability to find the exact information you’re looking for, with better speed."

Gotta love how the media eats out their hand.

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