Yahoo Aims to Move Beyond PC

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Yahoo Aims to Move Beyond PC
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Yahoo is coming to your mobile in a big way !

Yahoo said Monday that it had acquired WUF Networks Inc., a small start-up whose technology aims to let consumers move their songs, photos and other digital content from their computers to devices such as mobile phones.

The deal underscores Yahoo's strategy of trying to make its dozens of services — including digital music, instant messaging and streaming video — more widely available not just on personal computers but also on any device connected to the Internet.


Wise Move

While I have no need for a wireless cellphone, I can only see these as getting more popular.

As an example: all 70+ Chicago Public Library branches now have free wifi. All a wireless PDA/laptop owner has to do is stand outside a library branch to check their Yahoo mail or other Y! services.

And when my current PDA eventually wears out I will definitely replace it with a wireless model.

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