Google Video Ads


Google announced they are rolling out video AdSense ads this week.

The ads (an example ad is at the other end of that link) start paused on an ad preview image, and will only charge advertisers when a user clicks on the ad to start the video if they advertiser pays per click. Video ads can also be purchased on a CPM basis, and are targeted via site selection or keyword selection.


New Business Model for SEM Agencies

Video Ad Creation : Video & Sound

Especially since CTR% is going to come into play.

Or nice service to farm out and jack the price up for clients :)

If the ads do not play by

If the ads do not play by defualt, they will have a VERY low rate of audience, as time goes. Everyone will be curious to see them at first, so they will have a big boost, but after some time ...

And anyway, what about dial-up users, for websites that choose to use them ?

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