Nike & iPod Partner to Create Sport Kit


Nike Plus is a new initiative partnering Nike and the iPod to allow runners to track their progress. Niall Kennedy explains how it works:

The first product is the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a $29 accessory connecting your shoe and your iPod. Runners can place a small sensor under their shoe insole and connect a receiver to their iPod nano to track statistics during and after their workout. Your workout progress and statistics such as pace, total time, and total distance are updated on-screen and with audio cues through your headphones. When you return to your desktop, sync your iPod nano and upload to Nike to track your progress over time and compare with friends. Nike will begin selling specially equipped shoes in June with a cutout for the sensor. Nike will also produce special apparel with an iPod nano pouch and headphone cord management.

Will this work as a successful way of building a niche online community? Can we expect to see more of this in the future?


This is right up my alley

I'd buy this. Not so interested in the "special apparel". I love the idea of it being an easy way to compare with friends.

Being able to see immediate results is important to me so this could be really motivational.

If only it graphed heart rate as well.

This is genius. Esp if they

This is genius. Esp if they sell the shoes and the ipod as a pack. Everyone listens to music as they run.

yeah, i agree. it allows

yeah, i agree. it allows nike and apple to get more information about people which the companies can then use as leverage to enter other markets and to lock in more users. i think it's really smart, and is a great use of social networks.

Screen shots

Cool Hunting has posted some screen shots of the new Nano interface, plus some pics of Nike's new iPod-centric line of clothing that has extensive cable management built-in.

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