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Click Fraud and How to Stop It
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Here's a nice little list of clickfraud solutions from the se journal threadlinked above. Most of the article is probably wasted on Threadwatchers but if you dont know what click fraud is then certainly check it out.

ClickDetective allows you to track return visitors to your site and alerts you if there is evidence that your site may be under attack. Its reports show you every click in real time rather than a summary hours later.

This fraud detector tracks all PPC search engines, detects multiple IP’s, and even pops up a “ClickMinder” after a potential abuser clicks repeatedly over five times.

BogusClick can help advertisers determine competitor IP addresses, originating PPC search engines and/or partner sites involved, as well as keywords used.

Clicklab employs a score-based click fraud detection system that applies a series of tests to each visitor session and assigns scores. Calculations are made to indicate bad/good sessions to show an advertiser the quality of traffic.

Can anyone add to that list?


Haven't tried it but...

These guys claim to incorporate click auditing into their bid management system.

I love the whosclickingwho images. Beautiful.


are offering "free white paper" - cool, i'll have 3 dozen boxes please...

That keywordmax has a crummy website so i cant say they'd particularly inspire me but i liked the whosclickingwho pics to :)

Anyone used any of these things?

Click spam

Many of the solutions will combat one aspect of pay per click mis-management and in isolation will only be partially effective.

In some sectors this is a big problem and others it's not, so horses for courses.

I've got some upcoming articles in trade publications on the subject and as part of normal activity we monitor for all the usual suspects - geo-traffic, proxy traffic, IP anomalies, inconsistent buying pattern, same keyword activity, content network publisher anomalies (in the rare instance of using content network).

I love the whosclickingwho images. Beautiful.

Could get them into trouble though. The rows of Asians clicking away is actually a photo of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading floor. I wonder how long it will be before it is pulled. Hmmm ...

Haven't tried them all, but

the ones I have tried have a long way to go. I've been using ClickLab, but their database is so painfully slow that it is worthless.

The problem with most systems is they can only catch the stupid people who don't clear cookies. So if one knuckled head clicks on you 10 times from 10 different proxies, they can catch that because of the cookie. But a browser based, cookie clearing bot is much harder to catch.

And most of the people engaging in click wars are smart enough to figure out how to dump cookies before each new click.

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