JasonD, DaveN & NFFC NOT Welcome at the World Cup


The WSJ reports that this year's World Cup will use RFID implanted tickets to prevent known troublemakers from entering the event.

Most tickets have been imprinted with spectators' names, and have embedded radio-frequency chips that link tickets to names in a database. The Cup's German organizing committee has said staff will randomly crosscheck ticketholders' identities against the names on the tickets. If a spectator is caught with a ticket registered to someone else, she or he won't be allowed in.

The organizing committee is enforcing a stringent ticketholder policy to ward off counterfeiting, and also for what officials say are security concerns. German authorities have compiled a list of "known hooligans," who are barred from entering German stadiums because of past troublemaking, says Stephan Eiermann, a spokesman for the organizing committee.

I wonder if this sort of activity will cause growth in on demand fake ID cards? Or will soccer hooligans start hacking RFID?


But where's DaveN involved

But where's DaveN involved in this ?

I believe Dave, NFFC and

I believe Dave, NFFC and JasonD fall in the category of "hooligan"...

I will be there

I have special dispensation to attend due to my charity work spreading the British Martial Arts techniques throughout the world.

NWS example here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw6oP2ADuYc

Not bad NFFC, but it's more

Not bad NFFC, but it's more likely to be like this.

I believe Dave, NFFC and

I believe Dave, NFFC and JasonD fall in the category of "hooligan"...

Just like the most of us... :)


Need a new line of work


like a value add service, like rfid reprogramming or fake ID creation

that same person uploaded

that same person uploaded this one

I am utterly amazed at the

I am utterly amazed at the crap you guys can dig up. I'm...I'm in awe.


do you guys watch youtube all the time or can this part be outsouced?

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