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The Business Online reports Google aims to provide a search interface and ad system for TV:

GOOGLE is planning a new ­version of its search engine – designed for TV screens – that the company’s co-founder and its chief executive believe will rival traditional broadcasting.

Chief executive Eric Schmidt told The Business: “At the most people currently have access to only around 500 television channels,” said Schmidt. “They should have access to everything – that is where we are heading.”

“You have to look at what an electronic programme guide is. It is just a search engine and that is what Google does best,” said Schmidt.

Some of their recommending engines are cool, but there is also a good amount of spam on the Google Video popular list. Will Google be able to get broad enough distribution to have enough feedback to become relevant at suggesting TV shows?


I have no doubt Google could

I have no doubt Google could build something better than the crap program search offered by DirecTV. (And I *love* DirecTV ... but looking for a certain show or movie is painful.)

I wrote about this in 2004

I wrote about this in 2004:

Will the EPG be a Search Engine? - how will you SEO a tv show?

How time flies...

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