The Friday Funny, Courtesy of Vice


Making it in just under the wire (it's 11:55 PST here)

As many times as I've been to the homepage of Viceland,(borderline NSFW), I've never paid a bit of attention to anything other than the "Choose Your Region" left nav, which I promptly click, and am on my way. I finally scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and had myself a good giggle when I saw their little spiel. An excerpt:

More importantly is a part of Vice that has not been doing well on its google ranking due to the lack of text on this page. One way to get that up is to make sure there’s a bunch of words on this page and that “vice” is mentioned as many times as possible. So thank you, a Vice reader for googling Vice and we hope you get what you want from Vice USA, Vice Canada, Vice Japan, Vice Australia, Vice UK, Vice Scandinavia, Vice Records, Vice Publishing, Vice TV, Vice Film, Vice Vice Vice Vice Vice.

Woefully ill-informed, but still funny.


Internet Darwinism

'Nuff said

Well it's not such a big

Well it's not such a big deal :)

They're trying to get some site-wide internal links as much as possible, without calling it spam.

Altough the formulation of those phrases is not the best choice :)

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