Bidding on Personal Names - Seobook mixes it up with Heil and Whalen

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Is targeting personal names okay?
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FINALLY! I get to post something serious from ihelpyou, thanks guys, you were getting me worried there for a bit..

As i understand it (and please correct me if im wrong) Aaron and Jill have been bidding on eachothers names for quite some time. Now the man my life would be so dull without, Doug Heil joins the fun...

Doug Heil (ihelpyou), after getting told to cool it over in this thread at SEW did what any sensible chap looking for a fight would do: Started it all up again on home turf. See the threadlink above.

It's a contentious issue for sure, im most dissapointed not to be in it myself but then i know bugger all about adwords. I may have to just get in there and randomly hurl abuse.. after all, Jill Whalen, Doug Heil, Aaron Wall and Polarmate all seem to be having a lovely time pretending to be polite to eachother whilst sticking their fingers up and poking their tongues out when SEW resident mother hen, Elisabeth isnt looking.. what fun!

Got to hand it to Aaron, he's in there on his own, and doing a damn good job staying on his feet from all accounts...


On the subject of Elisabeth

She's deleted me twice in the last two days and hasnt been nasty about it once, i think she fancies me...

I would be very careful about

I would be very careful about linking to the ihelpyou domains, classic bad neighbourhood. imho.

geesh... "mother hen"?

that makes me sound old & crotchedy ;)


I just couldnt find a better analogy, you do keep the peace in the nicest possible way LoL...

Thank You

You're saving me so much time!!
I love

For the record, I only starte

For the record, I only started my ad in "retaliation" maybe a little over a week ago.

Not sure how long Aaron's ad has been up, but I noticed him bidding on people's names for probably a month at least.

You beat me to posting this one...I was thinking of putting it here!

New Territory

Regardless of your opinion on the rights and wrongs of Aaron's decision to bid on names and businesses in Adwords, the certainty is that the process will be repeated by other advertisers who may not have otherwise thought of it.

The discussion crystalizes what and how to use adwords in the manner being lambasted and opens up a big new territory.

dirty people find dirt...

Aaron thinks some of the people who are critical of him are overtly critical perhaps because of some of their (in their own words "stinky") ads that they themselves are running.
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while I was removing my ad...if we look at Doug Heil in the search results
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so the problem still exists, it is just some other person doing it.

since they do not care about the "problem" it is rather transparent that some people were just trying to target me. rather lame IMHO...but you get what you pay for.

looks like I just need to market more ethically, perhaps with an affiliate code :)

Can the SEO Ethics community get any more self serving?

You're smarter than that

Aaron, I know you know the difference between an affiliate running an ad, and ME running one.

I also would think you know the difference between bidding on a phrase "Lycos Insite" that is relevant to what the ad is all about. I discuss Lycos Insite at times in my newsletter, which is what the ad was for, my newsletter.

I really don't know why you feel so attacked by this subject. We can't help it if we think people bidding on our names are doing a stinky thing. Doesn't mean we're attacking you, we just think it's stinky.

pot calling...

by your same token I could say that I mentioned you in the archives of my site. someone left a comment on my blog today. (I deleted the part that was really nasty though)

the advertising technique may be stinky, but it is something your own affiliates do...and so long as you are the one profiting it is ok by you.
SEW thread

Jill > Aaron, if you're trying to imply that I bid on Doug's name, you know better. That is an ad from an affiliate of my book, which is not in my control.

me > you do control your affiliates. so I should just post my ads under an affiliate link then?

Jill > If you don't see the distinction between that and your ad for YOUR book when someone is searching for ME, which as far as I know doesn't discuss me at all, then I don't know what else to say on the subject!

me > oops

my ebook > from the writing page content part....

Don't Be Generic:
If your keyword is "eat cheddar". You can look for the word cheese and try to replace it with cheddar. A good idea in Jill Whalen's "The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines" [sidebar: ( -- non affiliate link now too by the way)] report is to play detective. Ask who what where when and how. Try to avoid stuff which is generic.

Jill >I don't even know who my affiliates are! Anyone can get an affiliate link at clickbank and be one. So how can I control them?

me >use a program which interfaces with clickbank to collect enough data on them to know who they are. --- really not that tough

the program I am using will not credit payment to users unless then sign up with my site too.

I have a program where I can check everything out. you can use something like

Jill > I have no desire to police my affiliates.

Looking Silly

Your just making yourself look silly now, Aaron. But since that kinda goes without saying, maybe I'm just making myself look silly too by saying it...

For the record

I dont think aaron looks silly, but i do think the entire situation was handled less than perfectly on *all* sides.

Closing the thread, no point dragging it out any further, it's just boring the arse off me now ;-)


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