Google Attacking Microsoft Office


The WSJ reports that Google is to offer up Google Spreadsheet, an online spreadsheet that might be a potential Microsoft Excel killer.

Google Spreadsheet, which will be made available on a limited test basis, follows Google's March purchase of a company offering a Web-based word processor called Writely.

The two Google Web-based applications represent possible challenges to Microsoft Corp.'s core personal-computer software business. Microsoft's Word and Excel dominate the word processing and spreadsheet markets.


Online spreadsheet?

Does anyone see people trusting important financial and other spreadsheet-based data to an environment where it'll be stored on the web?

What a joke. Their excuse

What a joke. Their excuse for not doing a browser is that there are already good ones out.

Excel does the job just fine, couldn't imagine anything better or more universal.

I hope this is as good as G Messenger, hah!

Excel Killer?

Please, that over-the-top sensationalism in your synopsis won't cut it by comparing Excel to something comparable online.

the fact that it's online is

the fact that it's online is what makes it an excel killer -- it doesnt compete with excel along the same dimensions, and in fact competes in a way that excel cannot match. this will allow google to target users excel cant currently reach, and once a solid user base is established, it becomes more of a standard of sorts and hence a much more viable threat to excel.

i'm surprised msft isnt reacting faster with their own online version, seems like G doesnt have any big competition in the online office space.


That's not an Excel killer, that's an oddity niche market. It's just some web oddity, I can't even fathom entering a mass of data over the web nor trusting some twits to store it.

$300 or free

It is a killer for a significant portion of sales even if it sucks. As MS clamps down on piracy (so it gets tougher to borrow your buddies CD to install Excel) a significant portion of the user base will try some free tool that does that basics, and be happy with it. I'd rather go through open office hell than pay for Excel if I only need it for a small project once in a while.

No way

This may catch on with stay-at-home moms/dads who would never think of spending money for Excel, but getting entire departments to switch over to a web-based app and store corporate data on it? I seriously doubt it. Talk about re-inventing the wheel.

Excel is an offline tool.

Excel is an offline tool. Google Spreadsheet is an online tool.

That's NOT the same and they are serving different purposes.

>> As MS clamps down on

>> As MS clamps down on piracy

Bad argument, those were never sales in the first place so if Google wants to build a market for software pirates, let them.

Enter your data, let Google

Enter your data, let Google store and process it, and then serve you relevant ads inbetween your cells!

I'm a bit dumb, but hey...

Why, as others have stated, would anyone, anyone, put spreadsheet data online? People are getting more and more worried about stolen data, gimme a break.

You might get 3 people to use this product.

As far as 300 bucks or free, OpenOffice Calc.

What amazes me is

What amazes me is this:

Scenario #1: Google wants all our data! OMG! Privacy!

Scenario #2: Hey, we can enter our data online without costing us a cent!

It doesn't sound so "free" to me. And, what Jon King said.

rumours have abounded for years

I believe there'd been rumours and speculation for a decade that MS would be doing something like this. Yet they haven't, which is telling. Plus there's already viable free alternates to Office. As I've noted previously, we've been using open office for years quite happily. Yet that hasn't knocked the world on it's ass yet either.

This is a case of throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks. More web 2.0 stuff, which is clearly still in alpha testing.

The mention of storing data online is telling as well. There's been note of people having problems with Gmail and their data, how'd you like to go online and find your monster spreadsheet gone, with no tech support and no recourse? HaHA! (said in Nelson voice)

I have been using it for the

I have been using it for the past 20 minutes. Not impressed.

In cell a1 I enter 5, cell a2 I enter 4, in cell a3 I put in =, then hit the arrow up and it think im leaving the cell, I actually have to type in =a2*a1, I can't navigate with my cursor.

Very annoying.

Innoblog on this topic: It

Innoblog on this topic:

It won’t have the same sheer computing chops as Excel (no macros, for example) but will compete in other ways that figure to appeal to a broad base of users – it will be easy to use, convenient to access (free on the Internet!), and will facilitate real-time collaboration (up to ten people will be able to work on a spreadsheet at once). Google understands and sees opportunity in the fact that few, if any, take full advantage of Excel’s famed and feared functionality and that many people use Excel as a compensating behavior – the Times cites youth soccer coaches using it for manual databasing of their team roster, I’ve known people who make chore lists in Excel, etc.

the fact that it's online introduces a collaborative element, which is a dimension that ms excel really does not compete along. its simplicity also should not be underestimated -- i know multiple people that wont even open excel because they're intimidated by its complexity. package a dumb down version in a web browser with the google name and it becomes a lot more appealing -- especially when 10 of your work colleagues are using it and pressuring you to join in as well to make communication easier.

Good points km...

But data is still data. Like I want my kids soccer coach to put their data, names, schedules, time and places online? Or even a to-do list?

Man I don't get this one at all. But as you say the collabing and ease will be apealing.

This is a free alternative to MS Office but not quite an office killer??

Was there some connection between Google and Sun in the past? When I updated my javascript installation, Google Earth was installed. Could Google eventually take over part of openoffice or make it's own version? Keeping an online version like Google Spreadsheet and re-packaging or re-inventing something like openoffice?

yeah... Google and Sun

yeah... Google and Sun really hyped up a partnerships that promised almost nothing but Google toolbar installs with Java. yippie :)

but, but, but ....

they can't count beyond 8 billion!

and what if your data gets sandboxed?


>> As MS clamps down on piracy

Bad argument, those were never sales in the first place so if Google wants to build a market for software pirates, let them.

Those were never sales, but "as MS clamps down on piracy" some of those should become sales, no? Do we need to debate the value of a sale beyond the purchase price? I doubt you mean to suggest bundling is not profitable for M$.

Side note: a significant market for specialized tools is the Excel user community. Pick an area where scientists or analysts have developed specialized Excel tools, and you can sell a product into it. Be sure to include in the sales copy "..and you don't need to learn Excel!"

It's great for what I want...

I have a company with offices in 4 maybe 5 places and this is the perfect tool for sharing all sorts of small databased data that we used to store in xcel or even html files. Because it is designed to be used on the web, it is way much easier to use for that purpose. Sure big corporations wont take to it, but for small businesses this coul be great.
You know there are lots cool listing services out there, but in truth I dont think anything beats a table like this.
IMO a suite of tools like this is exactly what we are looking for. You know I even have online accounting service now as well... I must be stupid!

>> Their excuse for not

>> Their excuse for not doing a browser is

They already have one:
Mozilla/5.0 (blablabla rv: Gecko/20060508 Firefox/

Its for Adwords stuff!

What does every 'Google Adwords Maximiser' do? They build keyword lists in Excel spreadsheets - they build complete Adwords campaigns in Excel - then they email the Excel spreadsheets around the place - and then get on the telephone & discuss them.

This sounds more like it started as an internal productivity product - 10 people working collabratively on a clients Adwords campaign being built off line, getting it ready to upload....

Then they probably figured - how do we show the final Adwords campaign to clients in this cool new collabrative tool unless we make this cool new tool public.....

What is interesting is that

What is interesting is that .Mac will have an online version of AppleWorks which is a software package similiar to Office online and can be used for free. No software install necessary.

I think more and more software will become like this: no installs necessary, just login and use it on the web.

Could it kill Excel? Well, maybe. If it is as good and compatible with it and FREE and no install necessary..why not?

>> some of those should

>> some of those should become sales, no?

Probably not, people tbat cheap or those that don't have a real need will make do with Open Office or some crap on the web.

This with a bonafide need will buy the real deal and accept no substitute.

I am a cheap ass. Had

I am a cheap ass.

Had OpenOffice been more widely marketed I might not have bought Microsoft Office.

Got the Beta

Finally got my hands on the new Google spreadsheet and as surprised as I was, it actually worked and wasn't as slow as I expected. A few things were different such as the methods of selecting a range for a sum using a few different keystrokes and the documentation is non-existant so novices will never figure it all out at this time, but it shows amazing promise for a web-based product.

I can tell you it fills my needs for about 95% of what I typically use Excel for, but I didn't stress it with 12,000 columns of data yet, but my initial impression is Microsoft better grab their ankles and hope the lube doesn't fail.

BTW, most of us ignored the fact that computers come with MS Works if you don't get MS Office so most people have a rudimentary spreadsheet to start with even without Excel.


Not, as the people that will use this probably could've used MS Works

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