The Wayback Machine And The Google Sandbox Theory

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The "Ledfish Sandbox Theory"
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Ledfish brings up some interesting connections between Google's alleged "Sandbox"
and The Wayback Machine. More theory to chew on.


If you ignore the debate..

In other words go beyond..

Let me see if I've got this straight. Based on your theory, G is basically sitting back and watching the wayback machine, and when it's included in their DB, they then lift the "sandbox" filter that has been placed on the site. Is that correct?

....and for the sake of arguement assume the hypothsis is correct. What is the way round the problem?

Difficult to beleive..

I find it hard to beleive that google would tie themselves in with that dont you? What's your take on it galorfindel?

I find NFFC's speculation that it might be linked to the huge increase in new sites specifically registered for adsense more plausable, but even that doen't convince me....

Good catch that man!

Oh really???

This is all very fine, but, according to this theory, if you block from spidering your site, you will never be out of the sandbox. Doesn't sound very plausable to me. I'll also back NFFC on this one.

From the FAQ at the Way Back

From the FAQ at the Way Back Machine at

Why are there no recent archives in Wayback?

Wayback does not add pages less than 6 months after they are collected. Updates can take up to 12 months in some cases.

Interesting......... Aged expired domain anyone?

No one has yet proven Sandbox exists to me

How can one prove the cause of something, when the existence hasn't even been proven.

Ahh the subject of proof.

I want to take a step back and see how we can define proof.

In science there are generally accepted to be 2 kinds of proof.

Most sciences acccept proof as an ongoing addition to overwhelming evidence. An example could be that it was thought, until relatively recently that the dinosaurs became exctinct due to major climatic change.

Further evidence was found that added to that showing that a single meteor landed on earth delivering devastating climatic and other physical changes.

Relatively recently more evidence was found that more than one meteor landed on meaning that dinosaurs did not become extinct in one major event but over a number of (thousands or millions) years.

It is essentially the same kind of proof we use in the courts. As they say in the English criminal court system,"Deliver a verdict that you are sure of" or as they used to say it, "When you are beyond all reasonable doubt"

Mathematical proof is different. It is irrefutable, there is no doubt it is pure.

10 / 5 = 2

There is no ambiguity, there is no doubt, the sum above can not be questioned.

The sandbox and most things related to this business are based on the 1st kind of proof as the only people who can know for sure (and they aren't saying) are the technical teams who write the algos at the major search engines.

I think it is fair to say that I'd like the second kind of proof in the work that I do but at the same time if a woman spends like a wife, moans like a wife, cooks like MY wife, treats you like a husband, loves you as a wife, then it is highly probable you're married!

The sandbox may not exist but there is a hell of a lot of evidence supporting the theory.

Proof here is more Physics than Mathematics

Whilst in Maths a formula is a "conjecture" until it can be rigorously proven, it then becomes a "theorem".. Physics you put up a supposition, say the equivalence of mass and energy, and defy anyone to disprove it experimentally. If all experiments show your supposition to be true, then the community accept its truth.

However once someone manages to disprove it, then its out the window like the flat earth supposition.

My own experiments has thus far failed to support

.. the existence of the sandbox.

Personally I like the comparison with the flat earth supposition.

getting out of sandbox

once you know how to get out of the sandbox, you will know it's nothing to do with

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