Sergey Brin We're a Misunderstood Bunch of Wimps


First the boys at the plex admit they caved in when it came to China via

"We felt that perhaps we could compromise our principles but provide ultimately more information for the Chinese and be a more effective service and perhaps make more of a difference," Brin said.

He then said they were just "misunderstood" when it came to privacy concerns again via

The company has also said it has not participated in programs with the National Security Agency to collect Internet communications without warrants.

Brin added that Americans misunderstand the limited safeguards of their personal electronic information.

He made his remarks about Internet users' expectations of privacy in an era of increased government surveillance while visiting Washington.


maybe google

just bitch slapped forbes for spamming ..



LOL @ DaveN, someone should hire you! Google? ;)

I believe people expect too much from the little primative engine humans call Google.

Google's way further than

Google's way further than their imagination could ever conceive.

They just can't do all of the things accurate.

Meet with Brin?

Not if I am a Senator. Not good politics. The guy is in bed with the Chinese and he won't readily caugh up info to help in the war on terror and child predators.
I'd say get in your spiffy jet and head back to your comfy "plex".

for the record

I have met Sergey and Larry inside the Plex, both down to earth guys and we chatted very openly, They are more than welcome to pop in to my office any time .. I need a warning when thou ;)



just a spin thing, hoping to curry favor in DC, nothing will change, biz as usual but they sure are getting a fresh round of press buzz.

Don't get me wrong DaveN

Don't get me wrong DaveN I'll take a meeting with Larry or Sergey any time. I am not a senator.

that's a crowded bed

>The guy is in bed with the Chinese

No more so than the U.S. congress.

to help in the war on terror

to help in the war on terror and child predators.

Oh, you mean pander to propaganda to spread fear and leech rights. Good on him for not giving in.

Let persistent wars exist in other men's minds, I don't want them in mine.


Seobook these are real wars and they are taking place right now.
I was just watching an interview with the Police Chief's of New York and Los Angeles. Both cite the internet as THE major source for tracking down terrorists bent on harming us. It's where the fools meet.
Oliver North made a chilling observation the other day in another interview I heard. To paraphrase the good Colonel.
"Let's not wait until one of these terror cells pulls an 18 wheeler full of explosives in front of a school full of kids before we do the right thing".
The right thing he talked about was giving investigators all the tools they need to thwart such an attack.

So far you or I have not lost one right I can think of.

you or I have not lost one

you or I have not lost one right I can think of.

well perhaps they have not had any effect personally on you or I just yet, but people have been thrown in jail without being charged for years. non violent protesters have been cuffed so tightly that it caused irreversible nerve damage. not sure how that helped those people live more free, but then that is just all in a day's work, eh?

As long as it is not you or I it doesn't matter, right?

Sure it didn't happen to either of us (yet) but that doesn't mean that it is in any way correct, or that it will never happen if these bogus politicians and corporations are left with unchecked power and resources to scare and/or manipulate the average citizen.

Sure the war in Iraq is now real (only because we wanted it to be - and the world is far less safe for it existing), but the whole terrorism stuff is just garbage. If we want to end terrorism we would start by ending our dropping of bombs. There are too many shareholders and too much money wrapped up in defence companies to consider that though.

Oliver North

Aaron, I'm sorry but if we're going to get Oliver North quoted on here then the American noise has drowned the signal for this European.

ya gotta

give Ollie some credit, a light colonel in the Marine Corps running foreign policy, lotsa brass. He gets a few points for boldness.

Damn right!


Culture of FUD

The right thing he talked about was giving investigators all the tools they need to thwart such an attack.

Bull. For every child we kill in the name of democracy and anti-terrorism, one previously-peaceful or previously-on-the-fence Muslim college student decides to go Jihad on our ass. Access to new high-tech snoooping tools and the stripping of our civil liberties will not change that fact.

Don't let a media-fed culture of fear, uncertainty and doubt ruin our country.

Give me a break

what we're doing is something that needs to be done in the world.

what we're doing is

what we're doing is something that needs to be done in the world

though nobody ever gives a concrete description of what "it" is.

what is it?
bombing children in oil rich third world countries?

killing never needs to be done

- killing never needs to be done
- torture never needs to be done
- invasions never needs to be done
- imprisonment without trial never needs to be done
- searches without warrants never needs to be done
- massacres on civilians never needs to be done
- breach on human rights never needs to be done
- privacy violations never needs to be done
- civillian monitoring and surveillance never needs to be done
- attack with radioactive weapons never needs to be done

What needs to be done in the world is to trial and judge anybody even remotely responsible for these horrible actions that can't even be vaguely justified unless you're totally without morals or ethics.

Is jihadist Islamic fundamentalism a threat?

I’m an American and it’s always interesting to hear perspectives from people from other countries – especially in times as chaotic and emotionally charged as these. From many of the statements here I’m getting the sense that a number of you think American military involvement in the world is causing more harm than good.

What I’m curious about is what people think about the situation if you take America out of it. Let’s suppose America became non-interventionist once again and simply tended to matters within our borders. Is there a problem with the increases in personal technology when mixed with jihadist Islamic fundamentalism (or any similar movement). Would all of this become a non-issue if America retreated, or would it continue?

And if it continued, what is to be done about it?

To go back to Google and China, I find it fascinating that one company has such a great cultural influence where their decision to leave or stay in a market has such potential for ramifications on a global scale. I’m not sure Sergey and Larry have any idea of the kind of true power that they really wield – as in many ways the ability to control information is at the heart of all power, be it democratic or dictatorial.

simply retreating does not

simply retreating does not undo the past.

You're catching on

I’m getting the sense that a number of you think American military involvement in the world is causing more harm than good

Hey, you're catching on! :-)

America doesn't have to become isolationist, but it would do a lot more good if it made sure that the actions it took lived up to its own highest and best principles.

take out

I personally think the nice people of the USA would be very wise to focus on solving the internal problems of that wonderful country.

What about the technological component?

As SeoBook says, the past can’t be undone and there are often unintended consequences. Heck, American policies of coddling Middle-East dictators during the Cold War have contributed to impacts we are still dealing with today. Facilitating dictatorships around the world is oppressive and as BuckWorks alluded to, contrary to our principles and ideals. It was the victory of ‘Realpolitik’ over American Idealism.

But, I’m still curious about the big picture and the thrust of my comment – do the increases in the arena of personal technology, mixed with jihadist Islamic fundamentalism require any change in tactics.

As Claus notes, Europe has vastly more experience with terrorism on its soil than the USA. But by and large those acts were sponsored by terrorists within European borders. New technology introduces the ability to reconnoiter, plot and fund attacks from across the globe.

Furthermore, technological advances seem to be progressively putting the ability to cause mass casualties into play which is an emerging concern.

I lived in Italy for some time and was taken aback at first by Carbinieri with visible machine guns on the streets and what seemed to be as overly paranoid security procedures just to get into a bank. This “felt” more oppressive than I was used to in America but I understand it as brought on as a response to the prior terrorist attacks. Good, solid defensive measures I suppose.

My question, is whether or not you all feel that any changes to combat this kind of “technologically-enhanced” terrorism are necessary, and kinds of things these would be. Will playing defense do the job? And if not, what are some more effective means of going on offense against these kind of groups. I’m genuinely interested in constructive feedback.

Also as a side note -- as an American, it doesn’t feel like we have thrown away democracy and although war is regrettable we do spend a lot of money on precision weapons to minimize damage to civilians. I know that that is no comfort to the victims – but in the larger sense, at least there are less of them. I wish we had had the same technology in WWII and many innocent German and Japanese lives would have been saved in pursuit of victory.

Box cutters aren't high tech

Furthermore, technological advances seem to be progressively putting the ability to cause mass casualties into play which is an emerging concern.

Great, so our goverment has duped most citizens into accepting the fact that billions of taxpayer dollars need to be spent on contracts (often no bid) to develop high-tech countermeasures against high-tech terrorism. Bah! Double bah!

Two words: Box cutters.

Box cutters were important, but...

Box cutters were one important part of the plan, but much of what led up to 9/11 involved the ability of the hijackers to coordinate the operation in relative secrecy for a couple years across in a distributed fashion throughout the U.S. and from around the world.

Innovative uses of low technology was certainly a key facet, but doesn’t personal technology enable today’s crop of terrorists to coordinate and carry out attacks on a scale that terrorist groups such as Brigado Rosso and Baader-Meinhof were unable to do in their heyday?

I mean with a combination of Google Maps, a cell phone camera, Yahoo Messenger and a GPS device I feel like a veritable James Bond. :-)

sorry, everyone

I feel sorry for TW that I posted and participated in so many political threads. I think these "my bogus ideology is better than your bogus ideology" threads with "what if my rhetorical arbitrary set of bullshit conditions occurred" posts are nothing but noise and are starting to drive away some of the better members.

On TW I am going to publish less of the political garbage threads because the political rhetoric is probably far more damaging to the community than helpful if it is something that occurs more than once ever few weeks or months. On some of my other sites I will still be vocal with my political opinions, but this site deserves better, especially with how hard Nick worked to build it up.

two links

It may be right, it may be wrong. Believe it or dismiss it, think for yourself. Just don't tell me it's hard to find alternatives to the official truth.

I only know great and wonderful people from the US, I think you have a wonderful country, and I only wish you all the very best, honestly.

But please call back your troops from foreign ground, implement the full Geneva convention in words as well as in spirit, recognize the authority of the UN as well as the basic human rights, stop interfering with internal affairs of sovereign nations, don't pollute or destroy our common earth, and give those among you that have violated international codes of conduct a fair trial asap, irrespective of rank. It may sound like a lot, but it's not.

link to the noise in the signal

Aaron, you shoulda had the last word with that post, but listen, would you consider dropping links *here* to your political debates happening outside TW? We shouldn't discuss it here, you're completely correct.

Claus, you just cost me an hour with those two links - not to mention they'll set me thinking for days. Very, very good, why had I never come across those concepts?

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