Washington State: Online Gambling Is As Bad As Kiddie Porn & Animal Torture



"At midnight, it became a Class C felony to make a wager on the Internet in Washington state....That's in the same category as possessing child pornography, threatening the governor, or torturing an animal. "

This is a state that has about two dozen indian casinos.

Shouldn't legislators be forbidden to pass laws on subjects they are clueless about?




They passed it because they don't have their dirty hands on the money...

Don't Worry

The minute Microsoft decides to open MSN Casino it'll change ;)

In the virtuous state of

In the virtuous state of Louisiana, they outlawed 'gambling' in the 1800's.

In the 1900's they just renamed it to 'gaming' and now it's o.k..

How can a sane person take such a government as legitimate?

translation ...

anything we can't tax is a felony.

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