Pagerank Conundrum

Got a bit of a conundrum here, I got a cold call off a potential seo client today asking if we could increase his pagerank on Google. Have you ever had this ? What would you reply back? The truth that Pagerank in the toolbar means nothing now-adays and risk losing a potential client to a competitor or down right lie and hope for the best ?


Try Randfishes Tool to demonstrate

I was just playing with Randfishes link from another thread

and the results are a good demonstration of the relative lack of importance of PR. Feed in the key words your client wants, and Bob's your uncle the top 10 results and their PR are shown

I wouldnt

bother. Why confuse him more? Show him some serps with lower pr pages outranking higher pr pages...

Being a twit lol, as soon as

Being a twit lol, as soon as he mentioned he wanted to Pagerank I 'tried' to convince him PageRank is just a pretty green bar that randomly changes size to keep webmasters eyes away from what they're really doing at the plex.

I wasn't even thinking about telling the client "Yeah I can increase your pagerank just write the cheque to....."

Ok now we have everyone singing from the same hymnsheet what does everyone think the best way to explain to the client that the PageRank bar is just for marketing purposes and a distration?

From a salesman..

Ok, mr client, let me ask you a couple of questions. Bear with me, the point will become clear shortly.

Why do you want to increase pagerank?

Ok, so you want to be no.1 ok, thanks.

Why do you want to be no.1?

To sell more stuff, ok.

You get the point im sure...
Tell him the truth, after you've gotten him thinking along the right lines. Doing what he asks is doing him a disservice unless you explain comprehensively why you know this to be a bad way to achieve more sales and the fool still wants it.

The best sales are made on honesty, go forth xcandyman and do your duty by telling mr client he's being a twit and how you can help him to not be a pagerank monkey™ :)


Your Job is to Educate

I get those all the time. I tell them that they're looking at the wrong metric. If they want to increase targeted traffic and sales to their site, then we'll talk. If they just want to increase PageRank, then I'm not interested in working with them.