Google Gets its Balls in a Twist


I was reading Danny's piece on World Cup: Google Does The Logo Thing; Yahoo & Ask Have Smart Shortcuts and I was tempted to look up Google's rendition of their world cup logo - I was amused to see that the PhD who does the logos has managed to put an American Football into the logo, rather than a Soccer Ball.


That's not an American Football

American footballs are brown pigskin, have a threaded center and stripes on each end.

The player is heading the ball so hard and it'smoving so fast that the ball is warping in the logo. It's a visual effect to make it look as if it's moving fast.


Looks like a soccer ball to me, with the shape of the ball indicating speed.

I think it's a...

...mutant spotted ostrich egg. But don't let me influence your opinions ::)

That's a soccer ball, no

That's a soccer ball, no question about it. A football is brown.


I'll use an analogy.

"Football" is to Britain
"Soccer" is to the US.

And yes, I think the shape indicates "speed".

I'm with Wit.

I'm with Wit.

It looks like a small dog I

It looks like a small dog I had as a child seconds before it tragically died :)

"And yes, I think the shape

"And yes, I think the shape indicates "speed"".

You got my vote!

Did you people notice...

...that the footballer jumping up looks more like an "F" than an "l"?

I wonder if that means anything. (!?) I bet it's some sort of conspiracy.........


Googfe. Ostrich eggs. Wit, I think you're on to something.

Get the lingo right

It's a football not a fucking soccer ball


It really looks like a diseased rugby ball to me.

I think it's a mothball

I think it's a mothball

Its all balls.

Why do the Europeans even bother trying to discuss this with the North Americans.
They just dont get it.

Well, I get it. What we in

Well, I get it. What we in the U.S. call soccer is referred to as football elsewhere. The item in the image in question is what we call a soccer ball --- but I guess is called a football elsewhere. Round with black patches. The fact that it's elongated in the image is meant to denote speed.

And I'm not even a sports person. But give me the 'Net, a few good books and art items, a TV/DVD setup and the world at large, and I'm all set. <grin>

P.S. At the risk of becoming

P.S. At the risk of becoming pedantic, photos:

- the American football is generally oblong, pointed at the ends, and brown.
- hmm, a quick search for soccer balls (yes, "footballs") reveals that there may be no standard look, beyond that fact that they are round.

You forgot to mention the shape...

...of the average footballer, i.e. "thick"



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