Getting Links & Getting them FAST

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What's the fastest way to get incoming links?
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Some tongue in cheek answers from some of the members over at WMW and some excellent queries to plug into Google to find places to submit.

This from martinibuster:

* Post something so dumb that bloggers will make derisive comments and link to you
* Post something funny (viral)
* Post hateful and venomous content that will make people hate you so much they will link to you and warn people not to visit
* Offer free downloads of sick videos and pics (one site
achieved a PR 9 doing this)

and my personal favorite one liner of the week from bad boy bakedjake

blog spam

Dont miss the list on page 2, it's not as good as the one my friend Tim gave me [ner ner ner ner neeeer!] but it's pretty good..