Search Loyalty - What Factors Influence the battle over Search?

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The battle for search loyalty drives innovation
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Forresters Charlene Li shares some snippets from a consumer survey conducted on US households. Some of the data is unsurprising but it does make for interesting reading.

  • Google continues to lead as the site consumers use most frequently to search the Internet, while Yahoo! lost share from 2003.
  • MSN gained substantial share as the default home page for online consumers. + Among Google's loyal searchers, many were likely to have MSN and Yahoo! as their default home pages, opening up the possibility that these portals will regain search loyalty.
  • MSN has a slight lead in the percent of consumers who use its toolbar.
  • Almost half of all toolbar users also use another toolbar.
  • Google tops the list in terms of search effectives (as ranked by their own loyal searchers) but overall quality remains poor, leading consumers to use multiple search engines.

I find it very difficult to break the Google habbit (and there's mostly no reason why i should) but I have in recent months been turning to Yahoo! a significant proportion of the time.

I cant seem to take Clusty seriously, no matter what good things i hear :)


Loyalty what us? Nah…

However, I am enjoying ATM. Especially Giga Bits, some sugestions open the way to avenues that I would have missed and if all else fails there are always (Giga Bits) word combinations that bring a smile to my face.

GB is starting to happen for me!!!! For certain subjects they are bringing back larger result sets than either G or ATW.

They are also hiring…


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