Sorry, Paypal -- GBuy Coming on June 28


Rumors of it were widespread and previously discussed, and now it looks like it's here: GBuy, a service that will allow webmasters to process transactions on their site (analogous to Paypal), will be rolled out on June 28. has the whole story.

The Forbes article also notes that GBuy will have implications for SERPs:

On its core search results pages, Google will designate each merchant accepting GBuy as a "trusted GBuy merchant." If consumers view this as a mark of safety and security, Rohan believes this should increase click-through rate.

via Niall Kennedy


I am not sure what I think

I am not sure what I think of the idea of designating merchants in the SERPs as trusted because they use your payment processor...or even using that information to bias the search results (unless it only biases the sponsored listings).

It could work well, but there are many many many ways it could be done poorly. This is a big bet on their brand credibility and people not questionin their result authenticity here.

After a few sleazy companies leverage the Google trusted label to rip people off will people learn to trust Google search less?

Now this will be interesting...

Wow, talk about muscling into the game. That’s going to practically force companies relying on Google-heavy natural search traffic to get on board. Combine that with them saying its going to be offered as a free service at first... Wow.

What even freaked me out more about the article is the part about Google capturing “e-commerce transaction data” and using it for “more precise targeting in future searches”.

This strikes me as the first time that Google would be ‘officially’ leveraging the editorial nature of the SERPs themselves for direct monetary gain.

If it works, what’s next? Maybe something like a Site Certification program where a site has been ‘certified’ safe and trustworthy by Google for having Google manage its advertising, analytics and email?

The words...

..."shark" and "jumping", come to mind, for some reason. If they get this wrong, it could be very bad indeed.

If Romania is not on their

If Romania is not on their list either, I'm gonna blow something up :)

Everything is in the follow-through implementation

I believe the idealistic concept of a "trusted GBuy merchant" trust certificate is a good one, but other online "trust" authorities have blown it. This according to Harvard's Ben Edelman's ( ) "Adverse Selection in Online "Trust" Authorities" ( ). He says: "The sites that seek and obtain trust certifications are actually significantly less trustworthy than those that forego certification." He talks about TRUSTe-certified sites, and he promotes organic listings by saying: ".. - finding ads at leading search engines to be more than twice as likely to be untrustworthy as corresponding organic search results for the same search terms."

The DMA has "Web Users More Wary and Demanding: Poll" posted on their site. I think the results of that poll are very true, and it looks like overall trust in accuracy on the web has declined from the last poll done in 2002.

I really like the part of the "My Commencement Speech at SIMS" that Tim O'Reilly recently gave on 5/14/06 at the UC Berkeley School of Information that said: "We must engage strenuously with the future, thinking through the dark side of each opportunity, and working to maximize the good that we create while minimizing the harm." Enough said!

My new G-tat

I just got a G-Tat. It's a small Gooooogle logo tattoed on my neck, just below my right ear. Marisa (my artist) says I was the very first customer for her Google-provided DNA sampler. I asked her to add a small number "1" inside the first "o" of "Google" in the G-tat, to show I was the first one, but she said it's against the TOS she had to sign.

I know from the paperwork it gets me G-Trust, but I actually did it for the PR value. The local guy who chipped himself last year with RFID gets so much press.

The story is wrong - Google aren't that stupid

I doubt they will label either ads or search results with a tick of approval, because they already have the tick of approval: the tick comes from being accepted to advertise, or being listed in search results.

The average user doesn't understand how Google determines what results to show them but their first thought with this 'tick of approval' thing will be "Fine, why the hell are you showing me all this other crap first if the site with the tick (at number 7 or 10 or 3 or whatever) is the one you think is good?"

The way Google will work with trust will be to give the payment process the Google brand of trust / credability... at the end of the sale when people go to pay.

The Forbes journalist got it wrong.

>>I just got a G-Tat you

>>I just got a G-Tat

you should put a G-RFID chip in there, and then have your G-Tat show contextual ads based on what you are saying. don't forget to put a "advertise on this neck" comment beneath the tat too, i might want to advertise there, especially once you get PR for your G-Tat and become the next big reality celebrity.


could prove to be painful when it goes CPC.

Hopefully the TOS will discourage multiple "clicks".

I'm sure everybody would

I'm sure everybody would want to sign up to Gbuy, if it meant that Google could have full data on all transactions.

There's always the chance that privacy issues means Gbuy would be less trusted by consumers.

"There's always the chance

"There's always the chance that privacy issues means Gbuy would be less trusted by consumers."

"Adverse Selection" can happen for many reasons.

Will the "Trusted GBuy Merchant" trust certificate turn into a situation of potential false and misleading advertising as VeriSign is having to deal with now in the courts (for different reasons)?

and Ebay

answers with contextual EbaySense

If I can use it for Porn or

If I can use it for Porn or Gambling sites, then I´m interested. If not, it's just another "me too" product.


I'm sure Paypal is shaking in their boots. I mean a company that can't keep their e-mail up during the day will sure be able to step in and take over the global online payment world.

In all seriousness though, unless they do something that Paypal doesn't, who is really going to care? We all have our Paypal accounts and most of us are pretty happy with it. Unless they will offer more countries or the ability to send porn and gambling money, I'm not interested. And if they can, they are in deep trouble. If they thought stopping SE spammers and click fraud was hard, wait till they get a taste of the payment processing business.

I think you have to look at

I think you have to look at it from a market efficiency and automation angle. Paypal does not have the ability to automate your marketing to fulfill your business goals. Google can automate your ad targeting, ad pricing, (and perhaps even help with suggestions on ad creatives).

Someone remind me...

... when was the last time a Google product launch went smoothly?

The major player over here

The major player over here in Russia has been running a money system for a while now (Yandex Money). It works well as we can move payments around from clients onto PPC very easily.

It's not reflected in Yandex SERPs though and I would be surprised if Google went in that direction. As you say Aaron, it's sticking your neck out there on the trust issue. Yandex pulls sites and accounts within a week here. Google has a much larger base to deal with but they would need to be approaching that level of response.

A Google credit card like a PayPal credit card

tied to my Google Adsense account and receving my adsense money and having immediate access...then funding adwords ads from the adsense income on the same card...priceless.

A Google credit card in every wallet, taking a share of every transaction made on it...priceless.

>> google credit card great

>> google credit card

great insight, AmericanBulldog, and i think it is a very logical progression, as the transaction processing biz often leads to the banking biz. this also sets the stage for google to enter the microfinancing business where they should be able to quite easily obliterate firms like zopa and prosper, and help shape a revolution in the world's credit markets.

IMO the potential of this is huge, and i think G is in a better position than anyone else to pull off something big in the P2P lending market.


G$$G is going way off the track with this type of service, obviously they are "trusted" as a search provider but bolting on a payment system? It looks like another "me too" type of email, chat, Wi-Fi, print ad, online classified, online word processing, spreadsheet service that will fall flat.

The "news" is just an over crazed analyst hoping to heep the hype alive (probably until he's totally bailed).

Maybe orkut users will like it ;)


Does anyone know if you would be able to take payments from people in China with it?

I would use GBuy over PayPal

I would use GBuy over PayPal given the option and I have a PayPal account. The main reason for this is that I would have to look up my PayPal account details but I know my Google Account details because I use Gmail once a week. I must be one of the few people on here who isn't scared of Google having all that valuable data they get from receiving newsletters and other crap I don't want in my proper email accounts.

There will be a shit load of people who don't have Paypal accounts but do have Google Accounts be it for Gmail, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, etc ,etc.

Given not many people on here may use them, but I really doubt Google cares that much about losing small percentage of the market who knows about the ins and outs of everything online related. IMO they can just about survive of the 95%+ rest of the population.

Does it matter that it's just another payment mechanism? Wouldn't all of us do the same if we could add a few billion a year to the bottom line? Of course we would. And any company with shareholders would be expected to.


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